2018-01-18: It was fun for a while

More Than This - Roxy Music

This has been korab22 Week-and-a-Half.

2018-01-17: There's cool and then there's Jeff Beck Cool

Cause We've Ended As Lovers - Jeff Beck

korab22 Week 1.5

2018-01-16: Sharks don't attack the Irish, it's mostly Australians

Sharks - Tragically Hip

korab22 Week 1.5

2018-01-15: In my nightmare everything's wrong

I Can't Wake Up - Richard Thompson

It's korab22 Week 1.5

2018-01-14: Save It For Later

Two dozen other stupid reasons why we should suffer for this

...and drawing the 1st korab22 Week to a close:

Extra Credit

Great choice. Seems like it could almost be a Pete song. (bhh)

2018-01-13: Who Needs To Dream?

I am determined not to fall, into that trap again.

korab22: More great power pop, this time from Bob Mould. The unhealthy relationship cycle.

2018-01-11: Alma Matters

It's my life to ruin my own way

korab22: "4:05 of perfect power pop"

Ah, Moz. Who'd have thought there'd be a day when the bleeding hearts would tear their papier-mâché (all pages from NME) statues of Suedehead down? (bhh)