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20180926 Hockey talk

I caught the 3rd. Was going to watch the replay, but, it's a preseason game. I just can't do it.
Some thoughts.
Davidson? Yikes.
3rd guy high? Is that a thing this year?
Can you hear DEE LEE AH? You will soon.
Boqvist brings some pace. It's a tough one. Do you go with both he and Henri? Keith, Seabrook, Manning, Rutta, Hard Core Henri, Boqvist, Davidson. Forsling and Murphy come back eventually. What to do........What to do?
The offense will be scoring goals, so that's good. 

2008-2009 here we come.

20180920 Domo

20180919 Hockey talk

Well, that was interesting.

I wrote this recap on Sunday.  Let's wee how we did.

Ward is a good goalie.  I like it
The D looks shaky and young.
Henri can move, but the small ice......
I like Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook even though they didn't play
Toews is a man possesed by something even though he didn't play
Saad is too even though he didn't play
Kane is an offensive force and he offends me.  Even he didn't play. HE DIDN'T PLAY!.
Kahones is not what we think he is
Sikura is.
#71 is a good player, but not NHL good good.

Edited 7:00 Tuesday - pre game

20180915/16 Hockey talk

So many questions

  1. Will Schmaltz be able to handle C duties for a full season? 
  2. Will Seabrook and Keith have a resurgence? 
  3. Will Toews be his normal self (as opposed to his normal self)? 
  4. Will Crawford be consistent or consistently inconsistent? 
  5. Will he even play again? 
  6. Defense - will there be any? 
  7. Has Saad peaked a boo? 
  8. Is Henri gonna play? 

 Answers to this and more on a special all day Saturday edition

 We are not doomed.

next week's preview per Neo.