Back for more punishment.

20191029 Lido Shuffle

One more fooooooooooor the road.

20191028 Brown Eyed Girl

Maybe over played, but a classic, still.

20191025 Hella Good

You know what this team needs?
Road trip!

20191024 Lovefool

Perfect music for the season, so far. DT's

20191023 Eighties

Fucking Fleury

20191022 Stop Making Sense

Sit back relax and watch the whole show before the game.


20191021 Bull In The Heather

We love you Seabs and that probably should have been interference, but you cannot get knocked down that easily. 

Also, your coach is terrible.

20191020 Headhunter

Hawks - Caps Game Day in case you don't understand (you know who you are)

20191016 Desperado (Linda)

It's a shitty day here, so here's a hot chick singing an Eagles song, because we hate the Eagles, man.

20191015 Whole Lotta Love (Drums)

One win one loss one tie. The next game is the biggest game of the season.

Listen to some Drums from a human machine.

20191014 Dont Bring Me Down - DOGT

Yep, that's ELO.  If we are going to suffer, we are really going to suffer.

20191012 The End

Day of Game comment section.

20191011 Red Skies

The game, the coverage, it's comical. Good players. NHL players that don't know what to do.

20191009 Sleepwalk

You decide

20191008 The Man In Me

I have heard this one so many times now because of the Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage commercials. Hate them even though the dude is a Sparty.

GDT 20191004 Gritty World Tour

Not a fan of Seger, but I have always liked this tune. Let's have a good time watching the hockey, getting mad at everybody and everything.