Back for more punishment.

2017-06-30: Shadows in the Rain

Woke up in my clothes again this morning, don't know exactly where I am

2017-06-29: Bring On the Night

I couldn't stand another hour of daylight

2017-06-27: Message In a Bottle

Who didn't try to play this on their friends guitar?

2017-06-26: The Bed's Too Big Without You

I think Sting still uses this bass

Looks like it's time for laaarmer's (2.0) Police Week

2017-06-24/25: They're alright

The Kids Are Alright - The Who

2016-06-23: Here we go

Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

2017-06-22: Where do we go from here?

Rock On - David Essex

2017-06-21: Don't let it end

Don't Let It End - Styx

2017-06-20: Uncle Al, everyone's pal.

TISH has some decent episodes.

2017-06-19: You don't know what is right

What happens when I pick discussion thread videos at the last minute? I guess we'll find out.

2017-06-18: Rubella - The Smoking Popes

I think they're still around

Waylon's "Chicago bands who deserved better" week

2017-06-17: Valerie Loves Me - Material Issue

Jim Ellison's suicide still makes me unbearably sad

Waylon's "Chicago bands that deserved better" week

2016-06-16: Stay in Time - Off Broadway

More Power Pop

Waylon's "Chicago bands that deserved better" week

2016-06-15: Tomorrow Night - The Shoes

Power Pop from Zion

Waylon's "Chicago bands that deserved better" week

2017-06-14: Stranger - The Ides of March

Much-imitated band regarding their horn section

Waylon's "Chicago bands that deserved better" week

2017-06-13: Sugar and Spice - The Cryan' Shames

one of many at the time

Waylon's "Chicago bands that deserved better" week

2017-06-12: This is a Smashing Pumpkins - Free Zone

Good pop group who were derailed by a pot bust

It's "Chicago bands that deserved better" Week, brought to you by Waylon.

Susan - The Buckinghams

2017-06-10/11: It's been a long time

1971 Week, Part 2

Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

2017-06-09: It gets stronger in every way

1971 Week, Part 2

River Deep, Mountain High - The Supremes and the Four Tops

2017-06-08: Listen up

1971 Week, Part 2

Oye Como Va - Santana

2017-06-07: I am Iron Man

1971 Week, Part 2

Iron Man - Black Sabbath

2017-06-06: Don't leave me drowning in my tears

1971 Week, Part 2

Don't Pull Your Love - Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds

2017-06-05: Hare Krishna

I guess I had enough songs jotted down for two weeks' worth of 1971, so here's 1971 Week, Part 2.

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

2017-06-03/04: Can you dig it?

1971 Week

Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes

2017-06-02: Don't be a bad girl

1971 Week

Wild World - Cat Stephens

2017-06-01: I know I know I know

1971 Week

Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers