Back for more punishment.

12.30 Silly Season Game 38: Champagne on Ice @ all the animals that come out at night - one of these days I'm gonna get my self organizized

2016-12-30: The seven doctors say he was born for good luck

12.29 Silly Season Game 37: Load of Compromising @ the Snow and the Rain - Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo

2016-12-29: I am going down to Hinsdale, take my wallet and my pride

Who? Who? Who doesn't like the Crossroads?

Outside the 'original', me. Haven't heard anyone do anything better than RJ did himself. YMMV.

Also, if you play guitar, Macchio's 'playing' looks like a poorly overdubbed foreign film.

2016-12-28: I got my black cat bones all pure and dry

Neo included a John Mayer version of this one in the list that I just can't abide. The guy is talented enough I guess and I don't really have a problem with (or attraction to) his sound, but the only version I saw was cell phone footage.

As you all know, cell phone footage of live concerts is for brain-boiled colon stacks. I included a Johnny Winter version instead.

12.27 Silly Season Game 36: Peg @ Hawks - Bombers fight at zero feet

2016-12-27: Man cause no good Darling

Today is a neat little journey over almost 8 decades using the same song. The song is a Robert Johnson 'original', I suspect in the same way the Iliad is a Homer original. Also, I always like to highlight how Fleetwood Mac was a prog/blues band before they were a stoner pop band.

2016-12-26: A million dollar reward for me

The next stretch of tunes were submitted by Neo. He stopped by to find a week of Manilow. I suppose it's only fitting to head back to the roots of bar music for a bit of cleansing. He didn't submit descriptions for his selections, but it's pretty easy to figure out. The first post is a popular 'classic rock' song, first performed by the song writer and then by the pop artist. I'd never listened to them back to back until now.

2016-12-24/25: Heart and mouth and deed and life

Cantata BWV 147, "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben." The theme that would become famous as "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" comes from the chorale section of this cantata. Fast forward to 15:33 and 27:11 to hear those parts.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and/or have a good weekend, whichever of those you might be celebrating around now.

12.23 Silly Season Game 35: Neutered Yetis @ This time last year Blackhawks were already on break with a few games left - Their faces changing now, all guernsey cows

2016-12-23: The Art of the Fugue

"Die Kunst der Fuge," BWV 1080, was unfinished (Bach may have died before finishing it), and Bach didn't provide instrumentation so there's a huge variety of arrangements and recordings (including one by Laibach, which I'm saving for another day). If you like the scrolling scores, there's a version for the Art of the Fugue, which is particularly interesting in this case, but I like this recording better (despite some sound quality issues).

2016-12-22: Goldberg Variations

The Goldberg Variations, BWV 988. A little over an hour of solo harpsichord might not be for everyone, but it is definitely for me.

2016-12-21: Where do you go?

Another cantata, "Wo gehest do hin?" BWV 166. I'm partial to the tenor aria starting at 1:34 ("Ich will an den Himmels denken").

12.20 Silly Season Game 34: NHL Hockey Team @ Party-less Blackhawks - Victoria loved them all

2016-12-20: Concerto

Harpsichord Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056. One of my all-time favorites, and I'm partial to this performance of it, too.

2016-12-19: Sleepers Wake

In lieu of Christmas/holiday music (which I'm not really into) this week, you're going to get a whole week of Bach. Up first, the cantata "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme," BWV 140. Fast forward to about 13:25 if you want to hear a familiar part.

12.18 Silly Season Game 33: The Imaginary Vlasic Pickle @ All Tomorrow's Parties - Well, I've never fished here, but I caught beaucoup fish in reverend Burton

2016-12-18: Goin' hoppin'

Barry tells a brief story about how this version of the American Bandstand theme (Bandstand Boogie) came to be.

Bonus video:

12.17 Silly Season Game 32: Jim Cornelison's Anthem @ Fukin' PowerPlay Dance - Oh man, I'm overwhlemed. It's all too much.

2016-12-17: I am music

Laaarmer's Manilow Week is starting to wind down.

2016-12-16: Hold on fast

Okay, I have to admit, I actually like this one a fair bit. The intro is Chopin's Prelude in C Minor, Op. 28, No. 20

12.15 Silly Season Game 31: The Hockey Team in Babylon @ Things Fall Apart - Something like a circus or a sewer

2016-12-15: I must have been crazy

The '70s were messed up.

2016-12-14: Music and passion

Remember, it was laaarmer's idea.

12.13 Silly Season Game 30: Madhouse on Madison's 95% @ Madison's House - Now with 50% more Madison!

2016-12-13: All I could taste was love

Manilow Week!

2016-12-12: I need you today

Maybe you thought or hoped that I'd forgotten, but the text file never forgets. It's Manilow Week, brought to you by laaarmer!

12.11 Silly Season Game 30: #Havers @ #AnotherCupers - The change will do you good. I always knew it would

2016-12-11: Welcome to our single

2016-12-10: The '70s encapsulated

The '70s were a weird time.

12.9 Silly Season Game 29: You're no lady, talkin' that street talk @ The train derailments - You should know the score by now

This might be a good game. But then again, it might not. Considering the current team casualties, our GDT song chooser chose this appropriately bad offering. It does remind me that Bob Odenkirk recently contributed to Drunk History with his take on the Disco Demolition event, so there's always that to look forward to if this game goes south...

2016-12-09: Another season, another reason

Makin' Whoopee from the L.A. Confidential soundtrack. There are tons of versions of this song, but the Gerry Mulligan Quartet recording is the one from the soundtrack.

2016-12-08: Tripped on a cloud

It would hardly be a Random Soundtrack Songs Week without a song from The Big Lebowski.

2016-12-07: Drive

My mom liked this show (Hardcastle & McCormick), so I remember hearing this song (at least a shorter version of it) a LOT. I really liked the car.

12.6 Silly Season Game 28: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer @ Guatemalan Peppers - Note to self: Stop doing anything.

2016-12-06: More Euros

Following up yesterday's Euro-technopop instrumental soundtrack song with another Euro-technopop instrumental soundtrack song. How awesome was this movie, though?

2016-12-05: Palms and pastels

It's Random Soundtrack Songs Week so here's a random soundtrack song

12.4 Silly Season Game 27: Buffnugget Wildpeg Express @ Old-man Windy - They're only laughing. Again a game, again.

2016-12-04: Things fall apart, it's scientific

12.1 Silly Season Game 24: The White Devil @ The Duchess of Malfi: Don't say it's life on the barrier

2016-12-01: Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean