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Brave ...and Stunning for Posterity

  • Mambo Man
    Oh man, so does this mean he’ll only be thinking about nachos 20% of his time on ice (Compared to the normal 70%)?
  • T.M.  (This comment was deleted.)
    Are you guys ever happy? Maybe on the night the Hawks win the Cup, and the next day you’re back to bitchin’ and moaning’. I’m still waiting to see the talk about Hossa slowing down and running out of gas come true. Bottom Line: Hawks don’t win cup in 2013 and this year without Seabrook and without that you guys would be blogging amongst yourselves
    • wanker751  (This comment was deleted.)
      Yeah… I think by now you would have figured out this is not the right blog to look for someone with rainbows coming out of their ass everytime there is Hawks news. Nothing wrong with a critical eye. Sam mentioned this was a good deal short term.. or did you just wanna find the negative to make a negative comment?
      • Malcolm Reynolds
        Jesus fucking Christ. There’s kissing ass and then there’s you.
        • wanker751
          Wow so much anger over a hockey blog…
    • TitanTransistor
      Yes, truly, writing ‘everything is great, 3 cups in 6 years’ in response to every growing concern regarding the Blackhawks would make for some fucking awesome reading material.
      Much better than casting a critical, insightful, and analytical eye on the matter.
      Run along blind fanboy, nothing for you here.
  • AdamGertz
    So long as the trainers keep him on a steady diet of fruit and crap he should be able to play into his 50’s.
  • Tom Fergus (This comment was deleted.)
    Sam, was that comments ban more immature McClure bullshit or was it the whole sites choice? In my opinion all TCI fans have been very respectful regarding the whole situation, so I don’t see why comments needed to be banned. Secondly, I’m getting sick of this internet vigilanteism
  • Tom Fergus (This comment was deleted.)
    Sam, was that comments ban a decision by the whole sight, or more immature McClure bullshit? You guys can’t handle other opinions. Also, I’m sick of your fucking Internet vigilanteism. First off, Just because the girl – assuming she was raped – decided to report Kane does not mean that we need to assume Kane is guilty. If the wrong decision is made, wether Kane is wrongly imprisoned or let go, some ones life will be ruined. And the fact that you guys just assume Kans is guilty is so fucking asinine. Secondly, the girl is not going to care wether Sam Fels, McClure, and TCI readers say “let’s wait for the facts” or “Kane is guilty”. Maybe she would care about TCI if it’s readers were going out of their way to troll her, but news flash, their not. You don’t need to ban the comments, especially when everyone is saying “wait for the facts”, a normal opinion, when your pushing forward the fucked up idea that Kane should just be assumed guilty. The readers on this site who want to wait for the facts are not “trash” as supreme Garbage Dick McClure likes to call us. If anyone’s doing the wrong thing(on this site) it’s the fucking writers who want to assume a man guilty when they know jack shit. I’m done with this site, and I hope other people are too. And it’s not because you have a different opinion than me, I’m actually mature enough to handle that. It’s because you’re not willing to hear mine. And, before you call me some fuckboy who just supports Kane, I’m not. I want to let the investigation take its course, and if Kane is found guilty, he should be punished to full the extent of the law and never wear the Indian head again.
    • wanker751
      I agree….the Seabrook signing was a good….oh wait….you are an idiot. Nevermind, nothing to see here.
    • JC
      go to your window right now
      who is that pulling up in ur driveway
      omg its patrick kane
      hes here to thank u for defending him on the internet
      he wants to hang out with u
      u guys r gonna have such a great time
      • bmarlowe
        “when everyone is saying “wait for the facts”, a normal opinion,”
        That is the right opinion, be it for Kane, for someone who is not Kane, friend, imagined friend, stranger, big star or nobody. It doesn’t matter.
        • RWCrum (This comment was deleted.)
          The stances TCI and SCH have taken is more arrogant AND ignorant than anything else. The Kane case hasn’t passed the smell test for me from the outset.
          I work as a DDA in a rather large jurisdiction. This case is looking more and more like whatever happened between Kane and the girl was consensual and when she finally got home, the mother flipped out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire rape allegation has been orchestrated by the mother because it sure wouldn’t be the first time a mother saw her daughter’s wayward behavior with a celebrity as a way to make some money, consequences to the celebrity be damned. That she first was given the bag to put her daughter’s top in and never did, then the bag shows up at her doorstep purportedly as the original rape kit, casts doubt over everything little thing. It’s the old saying now that credibility has been shot. Were you lying then too?
          Does my scenario make some people upset? It should. Sadly, even though Kane’s past behavior lends itself to suggest he could have done this, it is also equally possible he was stupid enough to put himself at the mercy of scammers. I’d be willing to bet there is still more to be heard here.
      • BigCSouthside (This comment was deleted.)
        You realize that this has zero to do with defending Patrick Kane, and everything to do with McClure being a gigantic festering asshole to anyone who does not agree with him, to the point that he shuts down commentary and goes out of his way to specifically insult his readership, right? mcclure has been writing pieces that are flat out caustic, and then treating everyone who has tried to tell him to pump the brakes a bit like they are beneath him.
        McClure has essentially said that people who are in the “wait and see crowd” are more or less promoting rape culture. You know what does way more damage to the perceived credibility of women who claim to be raped and does way more to perpetuate rape culture? Women who falsely claim they were raped. Yet, instead of trying to wait out the facts like any rational human would do so they could avoid looking like a complete fuckbag and make sound judgement, McClure and by association Fels, have essentially been shrieking from a soapbox on top of a high horse in an attempt to appear socially progressive. This has bled off into insulting vast swaths of people for no reason.
        It’s sad, because these guys have typically been the port of sanity in the crazy storm of Chicago sports, but when you start insulting people for attempting to be rational, you lose me.
        I am a long time reader of these guys, and I am through with this site, just as many other long time readers are. I’m sure McClure will be along in short order to tell me he does not give a shit, like he has to other people, because that is mature thing to do.
        • GoldenJet
          Get it straight. The high horse stands on the soapbox.
        • JC (This comment was deleted.)
          “McClure has essentially said that people who are in the “wait and see crowd” are more or less promoting rape culture.”
          yes, and he’s right, because you are.
          “You know what does way more damage to the perceived credibility of women who claim to be raped and does way more to perpetuate rape culture? Women who falsely claim they were raped.”
          almost no women falsely claim to be raped and yet no one treats victims of any other crime with this type of blatant disregard, skepticism, and downright hostility that rape victims receive.
          look: I dunno how else to say this. McClure is right and all of you need to reevaluate your priorities, if not your entire lives. Patrick Kane has done NOTHING to earn anyone’s benefit of the doubt here, especially when he has a violent history to begin with.
          • RWCrum
            If you don’t know much about this sort of thing just say so.
          • Sopel the catfish(This comment was deleted.)
            I almost thought that you were McClure, but then I realized you only implied that BigC should fuck himself instead of actually telling him to.
            look: I dunno how else to say this, McClure is not right, and you need to reevaluate your critical thinking skills and change out of your social justice super hero outfit.
          • JC (This comment was deleted.)
            oh I have no problem telling you to go fuck yourself, though. go fuck yourself! there we go.
            you’re not a “critical thinker”, you’re a piece of trash who thinks it’s more important to defend a multi-millionaire athlete than it is to support a *probable* rape victim, because I guess the blackhawks are more important than human suffering. sure.
            I’m not being a “social justice super hero” when I say that you and all your critical thinker brethren are making it fucking clear how you really feel about sexual assault victims (i.e. we can all go fuck ourselves, as far as you’re concerned, because hockey goals are more important). the fact that your immediate assumption about me was that I’m “playing super hero” and not that I might have a much more personal reason for finding this kind of behavior disgusting basically says everything about you: you don’t care about sexual assault victims and it never even crosses your mind you could be talking to one. newsflash: we’re everywhere, because this is an epidemic in america, and the attitude of you and others like you is a huge contributing factor.
          • JC
            this isn’t a game. it isn’t a bunch of “SJWs” treating you and your bros badly for fun because we want to. people are legitimately being assaulted and raped, every day. instead of worrying about your right to be an asshole on the internet without someone like McClure calling you out on it, how about you worry about our right to NOT BE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, you waste of oxygen.
          • GoldenJet
          • Sopel the catfish (This comment was deleted.)
            I have not said hockey goals are more important, I have wanted to withhold complete judgement until more is known. I’m sorry that I raped you (I don’t remember doing it, but apparently I did). Good for you that you are a sexual assault victim, that means you have firsthand knowledge that Kane is guilty then?
            I can support the alleged victim by not assuming she’s a gold digger and by not giving credence to what the meatheads say about her while waiting for the whole story to come out. It isn’t my decision if the grand jury is reconvened, it wasn’t my decision to make claims about an evidence bag, but it was my decision to try and keep a level head with the volatile situation.
            It is incredibly arrogant for anyone to think they know the whole story and what everyone else has to do in order to fit into your little picture.
            In one of my deleted posts I referenced the handful of people that I know who have been raped (including one who had her throat slit and left for dead) in addition to an attempted sexual assault on my mother. Your stupidity and rush to judge others is the epidemic that we face in America.
            Remember, you catch more flies with honey, good job convincing people that you opinion and stance is the correct one.
          • JJ
            So in your world, someone who takes a wait and see attitude = defender of multi-millionaire accused rapist? Nice strawman.
          • Colbeagle
            Given the current bizarre circumstances, I don’t think it’s that unreasonable to admit that while I did give and will continue to give people who allege sexual assault every benefit of my belief that I can, this particular case has had some red flags emerge that make a wait-and-see approach a bit more defensible.
            Two weeks ago, though, it would have been a pretty dismissive position. Nobody tells their buddy who’s been mugged that sorry, bro, gonna have to wait until all the facts are in and the prosecution all the way complete before I believe you. Or when a coworker tells you that their sister got her car window broken replies that she’s probably lying about it for the insurance money.
          • bmarlowe
            neither the accused nor the accuser are our buddies, so just wait, right?
          • Colbeagle
            When I read about crime reports in the paper or whatever, I don’t immediately assume that the people who reported a theft or trespassing or harassing phone calls or whatever are lying, despite them all being total strangers. Up until quite recently I had no reason to doubt this particular report of a crime either.
            Look, I’m not calling people who wanted from the very beginning to wait to see how things shook out bad or evil or anything in the same universe as the troglodytes who are out harassing journalists and crowing about all those lying hussies. I think that kind of dialog is un-nuanced and unproductive.
            But I do think that if people are not generally taking the wait-and-see, innocent until proven guilty! approach to ALL alleged crimes, including the drug dealers and the vandalizers and the terrorists and the schmuck up the street who got busted for child porn (and they’re usually not – but some might be, I’m a lawyer, I’ve known people incredibly dedicated to those principles) then there may be some room to wonder why that was such a popular response to this particular case.
          • bmarlowe
            “But I do think that if people are not generally taking the wait-and-see, innocent until proven guilty! approach to ALL alleged crimes, including the drug dealers and the vandalizers and the terrorists…”
            Lumping Kane in with terrorists is a bit much, don’t you think? Even if he is guilty, the physical danger he presents to society is pretty limited – he’s not gonna blow up the Boston Marathon. The very strong “wait and see” response from myself and others is a direct reaction to some unusually awful opinion pieces we have seen on this blog and elsewhere in the media. It reminds me of what passed for “critical thinking” in the McCarthy era (which I am just old enough to remember).
          • bmarlowe (This comment was deleted.)
            “almost no women falsely claim to be raped..”
            You have no idea as to what you are talking about. Try shutting up, reading and learning before you start to mimic various ignorant bloggers and members of the local media.:
          • HossasPierogi (This comment was deleted.)
            Way out of line.
    • Chesterfield King
    • Marlow (This comment was deleted.)
      We don’t need to assume that Kane is guilty, but we also don’t need to assume that he is innocent, or that he did nothing wrong. We already have enough facts and evidence to show that either way, Kane is a massive piece of shit.
      • Tom Fergus
        I didn’t assume he was innocent. I assumed he was under investigation and that we should wait for details.
      • SwedeHawk
        Since when do you suspend someone for being a piece of shit?
  • wreckinball
    Let’s get back to hockey
  • Longsoupline2
    Damn… Fells you had to do it.. Served one up for me to look in the mirror. Damn dude……” (it’ll almost certainly be Jen LC in the GM chair and there’s no chance she’ll buy Seabrook out)……..No.. Now that things are passing .. Actually not. Ill pass .. You see i know this isnt the Kane blog. Guys i apologize but that statement was kind of a micro cosim of the past Kane problem. I refrained for so long cause Sam gettin giggy with the charged atmosphere. You see what he said above was what we really need to focus on. Theres a societal problem here nobody would dare go. I have never laid a slight hand on a women. Ive always said with the hotties. Indifference is the most lethal weapon with them not a hand etc. What pissed me off with this whole episode was that in no way shape or form did anybody attempt to hold the female actor (actress) even the slightest accountable..All i heard was “the poor little lass” Julie Dicaro. You made an idiot of yourself. Your a fine person, but id lay low when its clear you have some internal bitterness thats personal to you. Im all good . Im human to. ..Jen . Your hockey analysis is awesome but girl ..loose the twitter. Both of you. Shut it down and go be parents !! Bernstein you to. I dont give a ratts ass what you wine you had for dinner. Does the term delusional self importance ring a bell? Be Parents!! Nobody dared address a issue. Sorry im focusing on the female here cause nobody dared go there..We what we have these days is a tremendously entitled creature. One that can be very vicious Too much watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Its that mentality IMHO that gets them in these bad situations. Never did anyone challenge the parenting of such accuse. Nobody! Nobody ever in the past called Donald Sterlings hoes bag what she was. A prostitute. Its always off limits with the media so in that, your enablers for the problem what has and will happen again. Whens the last time any such mentioned been in the dating scene?? Julie. Your a lawyer. Whats the percentage or women that file? Ill answer. 70%.. Why? Need i help you? Im a a single male living in River North. Any time you want ill hold your hand on a 90 degree summer night on Hubbard Street be my guest. You would be stunned what you see. You see hot women know no rules. There are none. For every guy that has no use for their bullshit they know there will be 9 others that will die for the chance to F%%k em. Is This is the mentality that got this girl into this situation.?? Come on dont tell me she was going there to play checker… Media. All of you. Comment on what you know. Spare me the god syndrome next time.. IE i know everything you dont know shit.. Honestly i think Kane is a dushbag..The personality fits the bill. But heres a news flash ,, (Jason Goff) Contrary the your disney world you live in, Rich connected people do slip thru the cracks. Jason. How many bankers went to jail for the financial crisis (which was by the way intentional and not an accident) .. Jason??? Whifff… Dam bro dont belittle (i think you did ) for someone for suggesting the rich tend to slip? Ill stop it but im trying to point out .. Collectively we have societal problem. Why we got there, the ugliness after Guys Girls …LOOSE TWITTER!! tweeting or whatever the fuck you do. Theres nothing more a childish immature act around you can do. It screams self absorbed narcissistic behavior I dont care what you think Nor do i think you should care what i say above. Go be parents!!! Pay attention to the world revolving..We need to prevent what happened not be hostile to others whos opinion doesn’t go along with ours ..Hear that Bernstein ??
    • TitanTransistor
      What epic incomprehensible nonsense is this…?
    • GoldenJet
      That’s some 2am, drunken embarrassment right there
    • WookRN (This comment was deleted.)
  • Say what again (This comment was deleted.)
    All I wanted to do was write “FAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRT” on McClure’s post
  • Jim
    From all the stories I’ve heard, Seabrook has been the de facto co-captain in the locker room.
    And if Seabrook does nothing else, his heavy shot in critical game situations (I’m talking about game 7’s, playoff overtimes, WCF games, and SCF Finals) is worth the money. It seems like Seabrook frequently scores the tying goal on a howitzer one timer in OT when they really really need it.
    • blackhawkski
      going back to the beginning of the cup team era, the man has done nothing but score big goals. thinking back to the 2010 year, i think of him scoring the game winner in the big comeback against Calgary. in 2013, even though he seemed to be falling apart, he still scored the game winner against the Wings and the OT winner against Boston to tie the series. then of course, last year with so many.
      sure, the term is a bit long, but anytime you can keep a top 4 d for what would be considered a decent price at the current cap means that by the time this deal is up, the cap will be high enough to render his hit less atrocious.
  • Jim (This comment was deleted.)
    P.S. glad the comments are open again, I like this site, and mostly the other people posting here.
  • Jane Doe
    I know this hasn’t been the happy-feely site lately. Well, *ever* for that matter. But in this modern sports landscape of free agency, holdouts, hard salary caps, etc. I love that there’s at least a chance that multiple players on a dynasty-lite team could play their entire career for the team that drafted them. Going to become more and more rare as time goes by.
  • Slapshotjeff (This comment was deleted.)
    I was just about to hit the enter button for a year’s subscription to the Committed Indian when I saw McClure’s post yesterday. Instead I backed out of it and won’t be subscribing in the future.
    I read your blogs daily because I appreciate your knowledge and opinions ABOUT HOCKEY. And, I enjoy most of your writing styles and like the point and counter point of the Commentators.
    To be honest I could care less what any of CI writers think about the Hawks personal lives or your opinions on rape, incest or whatever.
    I’m not big on cliches but “Shoemaker stick to thy last” seems very appropriate here.
    In the future I’ll continue to read the CI posts but will probably pass on McClure’s posts because I’m just not that interested in what he has to say or how he tries to say it.
    • WookRN (This comment was deleted.)
      First year not giving TCI money in a while.
      I’m just tired of being insulted by one particular writer for waiting to determine guilt.
  • Jim
    Awesome play, Seabrooks goal to eliminate Detroit in 2013…
    Watch Dave Bolland wipe out the Detroit player against the boards to free up the puck, which Seabrook then found and scored. And, if you recall, this is right after a bad call by a ref made it 1-1 at the end of the 3rd period. Bolland is another guy who came up big a few times in the playoffs, not the least of which was his SCF winning goal against Bs.
  • jordyhawk
    Just in case anyone wants to talk hockey, I’m wondering if Kyle Baun is going to make the club. He’s hungry. I could see him as being somewhat in the same mold as Brouwer.
    Also, Hejda was released and Morin sent down. I was hopeful for Hejda. Q had TVR on the left last night which I don’t like.
    • Jim
      Baun was noticable, but he doesn’t have much finish. He had some chances he couldn’t convert, and his passing wasn’t very crisp.
      But he seems to find the puck, and the announcers called his name quite a bit.
  • GoldenJet
    Maybe Elliote got the scoop because he wasn’t spending every waking moment for the past month at the keyboard jumping all over the Hawks, Kane and their handling of the situation…maybe.
  • Aaeismacgychel (This comment was deleted.)
    So, 2 comments and I’ll put them in separate posts. In regards to Seabrook, an 8 year term would be extremely worrisome to me, even if the yearly is reasonable for the next 2-4 years. Now I hate doing this, but Seabs while having a lot of positives, both ice-metric related and intangibles, he has never quite struck me as the fleetest of foot or the most positionally sound over the years, and unfortunately as you age in hockey, your quickness is the first thing to go. And if Seabrook does slow down, I’m not sure he can make up for it with smart sound positioning. While I hate to say it, I don’t see Seabrook aging gracefully, but more falling off a cliff once he loses a step especially since he’s never been all that good at avoiding monster hits over the years. In any case, while you have 4 years being a thumbs up, I personally think we may only get 2, 3 at most. And that really handcuffs you. That said, we’re incredibly handcuffed already at defense. Had we not traded all our prospects away or had a bunch of ready to go talent right now, I’d definitely suggest trading Seabs at this point for a high-caliber young defenseman and a high draft pick as I think that would be the better long term decision. Unfortunately though based on our lack of defensive depth that would kill us in the here and now which we can’t have due to what will be a closing window anyways. So we’re left with what I see as two somewhat poor choices. I think what we’ll do will be dictated by how the season goes. If we’re really struggling by the deadline, I see us making a blockbuster trade in sending him to a contender for some good young defensive talent. If we’re still a strong contender though, we’ll keep him and give him the contract.
    • Jim
      I think that is the deal with the devil aspect. Hawks are going all in on the next 4 years. Somebody was going to give Seabrook 7M / 4 Years. I agree that Seabs has 3 good years left, and then rapid decline.
      But the Hawks have a 3-4 year window to win another Cup with the core they have, while grooming a new core. So you deal with the latter half of his 8 year contract later, and kick the can down the road today.
  • Aaeismacgychel (This comment was deleted.)
    My 2nd comment has to do with the McClure article yesterday. I’d like to think I’m a pretty level-headed commenter on here and person in general, and that’s why I’ve stayed out of commenting on the subject, primarily because I had my own precepts on cases like these. But after reading that article, I simply felt a need to comment because I’m growing more than a bit concerned by the message and the tone. First and foremost, I strongly suggest having an open forum/thread where everyone can have a civilized discussion on this topic to state their thoughts and their reasonings. I know there is a tendency for threads like that to get out of hand and break down into something one would not want associated with their site, so heavily moderating it to make sure inflammatory comments that do not do anything to help the conversation are deleted I would be okay with, but I think making this thread is important as while you are correct in saying that this topic is a divisive one, I do believe that it’s articles like McClure’s combined with not allowing comments or discourse makes the topic even more divisive and argumentative in a completely unnecessary way.
    Now that I said that, in the case it doesn’t happen, let me say my thoughts. I know that many people are breaking this down into two sides and two camps, but I never thought that was the case. I believe there to be a lot of gray and misinformation in this case already and as such I think that most people have a sliding scale of what “proof” or “evidence” they are looking for to make their own decision. As for me, I’ll admit, when I heard the story that Kane was drinking at a bar, took a girl home, and raped her, I in my own mind was fairly certain that was indeed the case. Almost no girl in her 20s wants to spend a night in a hospital going to a hospital to get rape tested and spend an evening filing a report. I truly believed her accusation that she did believe she was raped. And as well, Kane has a pretty sad history of being a really bad and even mean drunk to the point where he very likely needs to be enrolled and actively participating in some type of AA program. Please note, that that is not excusing his behavior, simply stating he clearly has a problem that needs correcting. But while I did believe her and believed she was indeed raped/sexually assaulted and that her story was true, I was willing to give Kane the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t involved in the sexual assault until one of two things happened- Either the rape test game back positive with Kane’s DNA, or Kane had one of those press conferences stating that what happened was consensual. That there was my measure for guilt or culpability despite the innocent until proven guilty legal system we have in place. My reasoning being that rape is incredibly hard to prove and that would have at least proved that Kane had some sort of sexual contact with her. Up to this point, neither of those two things have happened. The rape kit came back negative for Kane’s DNA (while it did come back with others) and Kane still has not said he had any sexual contact with the girl whatsoever. This still might happen as we do not know what Kane told the authorities (and we might never know), but the more information that has come out, the more it appears that Kane might not have been involved in the sexual assault. But does that make the girl a liar? No, not necessarily. So how is it possible that I believed the girl’s story yet could still give Kane the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t involved? While you did use the 2% statistical data on this to show the percentage of rape allegations proven to be false, you did not include that in a non-negligible amount of cases, especially when drugs or alcohol are involved, that a woman knows she was raped, but due to both the poor mental state and the traumatic experience, doesn’t truly remember who her attacker was, but since she knows where she was and who she was with instead imprints that person into her mind and the more she thinks about it, the more she is sure that’s who did it. For example, she certainly could have been raped and she certainly could have been drunk, but what if it wasn’t Kane who raped her? What if it was his friend who was also allegedly in the house and allegedly the guy she went to Kane’s home with and she in her mental state wasn’t able to recall that, but since she knew she was raped and Kane is extremely memorable, she imprinted him into those memories? Based on past cases proven incorrect, and men convicted of rape proven to be wrongly convicted years later due to advances in dna technology (pre-dna testing rape cases) this isn’t improbable. And again, Kane still hasn’t admitted having any sexual contact with her and there is no DNA evidence that he had sexual contact with her either. Until that changes, I will continue sitting on the fence as I just don’t think shouting from the rafters he’s guilty is responsible, nor do I think shouting from the rafters that she is a liar is responsible either. Both can still be telling the truth.
    Lastly, I’d really like to have an honest discussion with McClure regarding his viewpoint and why he thinks what he does to the extent that he does especially because of the lack of information combined with the excess of misinformation in this case. He has talked a lot about “justice” and doing the right thing, but to me it honestly seems what he is suggesting is not about justice or doing the right thing, but it seems more that he wants blood or is on a vendetta. I have volunteered in the past at shelters for women who were victims of abuse and I have heard many terrible stories, and personally what McClure is stating sounds in that vein and extremely personal in nature. While I don’t want to play internet psychologist, reading what he wrote makes me believe that what he is writing isn’t about Kane, but perhaps about someone else close to him in his life who was raped but either never came forward or her attacker was never charges, or that she was just mistreated terribly when she came forward. And if that happened, I am truly sorry about that. I really am. I have two friends who were in the same situation and the idea of it is awful. But if this is the case, I urge McClure to realize that this is a different case and not the one that is so present in his mind. And that while it’s okay to shout down the human waste who vulgarly assail the victim, I think at this point shouting down people who are waiting for more information before declaring Kane guilty is extremely harsh and illogical. Anyways those are my thoughts, and sorry for the essay.
    • GoldenJet
      I’d ban you…justly…for not breaking that post into paragraphs.
      • Aaeismacgychel
        LOL. I tried! I swear I tried! How are you guys doing that in this system? Pressing enter twice doesn’t work, so I added periods between them. Do you not see that? God I hate Disqus. And I know, I know, we’ve been through this before- I need to enroll in a Block Form Writing Anonymous group. I need help.
  • Sopel the catfish (This comment was deleted.)
    More happy news in addition to the Biscuit signing, names are on the cup!