Back for more punishment.

20191127 Picking songs is hard

Dedicated to laaarmer sleeping in

20191123 - Dallas GDT "Gustafsson had it knocked away"

The winter days they last forever

20191122 Goals and Elbows

I couldn't think of a song for today, so here you go.
One of the greatest.
And he would also kill you. However, if you need a song to get through your day, here is one.

20191121 Down By The Water DT's

Game preview:
It's the 9-7-2 Bolts vs the 9-8-4 Hawks tonight.
One team will have less wins than the other after the game.

20191120 Bang A Gong

I'll be right back.

20191119 Orange Blossom Special

I see "Speed" trying to get to Mondays song, etc, so I'll leave this for Tuesday.
Kind of a geekyish vid.

20191113 Forever - DT's

Talk box, eh? CA-REEEEEEEEPY!

20191110 Toxic


20191108 Where Is My Mind

Have definitely put this up before or the studio version. One of my top 10, so no cares given.

20191103 Misirlou

Heh Hey

20191102 Wasted

-1, but still a good Joan tune.