Back for more punishment.

2016-06-25/26: Too hot to handle

I hate summer and everyone can suffer along with me.

16-6-11/6-12: But this is the best part

I've kind of always been way too much of a fan of Parker Posey. This scene nails everything I know about relationships. This whole episode, really - S03E05.

16-6-7: Could you keep it down, please?

This episode is probably the first one to make me think this series was going to be something different. There's a film-like depth to this scene that was almost unheard of in TV programming. Also, hey! this is supposed to be a comedy show, right?

16-6-6: You would not have survived the camps.

Welcome to Louie Week. While a couple of scenes here are from my favorite episodes, it's really hard to pick just six scenes as almost every episode is pretty entertaining.

Also, I'm using this week as a sort of notice to everyone that I've made an official place for submitting media to anchor future discussions, GDT, etc. I personally like the idea of theme weeks, but submit however you like. A stitch in variety is worth two in the bush, as they say.