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The Ministry of Bully Shaming (HFR)

It Shouldn’t Hurt To Internet
Your internet pleasure is our business. We understand that situations do not always work favorably for everyone involved. Sometimes people can even be mean…on purpose! (everyone’s looking at you, laaarmer). Please use this official form to bear your emotional scars and post to this page as a new comment.

Your privacy is critically important to us. At <insert site name here> we have a few fundamental principles:
    • We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly want it. (We can’t stand services that ask you for things like your gender or income level for no apparent reason. You should be providing that information constantly whether requested or not. Maybe you should just add it to your signature.)
    • We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our products, or to buy a few more page views from this service we signed up for out of Chernobyl.
    • We don’t store personal information on our servers. We may, however, use it for porn sites we sign up for and/or the lucrative Eskimo slave trade. 
    • We aim to make it as simple as possible for you to control what’s visible to the public, seen by search engines, kept private, and permanently deleted. For now, your information will not be known to any party that does not view it. This policy is in full effect and without exception.
    • For more information and/or to receive a full report of the ways we have already compromised your information, please contact us at: