Back for more punishment.

2016-10-31: Lorelei

It's Styx Week thanks to our very own laaarmer.

2016-10-29: Counting the days 'til the ice turns green

Yeah...the whole album. Simply a masterpiece.

10.28 GDT Silly Season Game 8: the baddest Johnny In the apple cart @ paint drying - by the end of it, I'm sure we'll all exclaim "meh...that happened."

I imagine Tom Waits heard this and figured he needed to up his game. Early Seeds could do no wrong. They're still pretty great, but there was a time when they were unimpeachable.

2016-10-28: Tell me to relax, I just stare

One of the most under-rated bands of all time...

2016-10-27: Peeling the skin back from my eyes

Welcome to Focal Point! I'm surprised this one hasn't been used before.

2016-10-25: We are rather helpless...

Always good for burning a few hundred calories

10.24 GDT Silly Season Game 7: The Frolik Eyebrow Band featuring #BrouwerPowerHour with special guest VerBumpkin @ A Whole Lotta Rozsi - Hey ho, here we go ever so high.

2016-10-24: And all the world is putting-the-biscuit-in-the-basket shaped

It's 1985 Summer Playlist Week. These are the songs most likely to be heard on the radio in my friends' cars as we tooled around. My Ford Pinto didn't have a radio so these are mostly friend's selections.

This one was most commonly heard going to Whitewater

2016-10-23: Pursuit Of Happiness

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

10.22 GDT Silly Season Game 6: Mechastreisandcock @ the Washington Generals PK - Falling through another plane Never one the same

We probably need these points. We probably need to stop every PK. We probably need the money players to put some in the net again. Or not. Season is still early.

2016-10-22: 50 Ways to Make a Record

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

10.21 GDT Silly Season Game 5: Musical D @ Dirt Barons - They play you a death-song. You probably listen.

2016-10-21: Soundtrack To My Life

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish
bhh: looks like the hissy fit hack-a-thon on the east coast has taken down Disqus for me. I can load posts for now but comments aren't showing up. I suspect most of us are experiencing this, but no way to know. Twitter is also out for me. Gmail works.

2016-10-20: Sky Might fall

Another one that would help pick me up.

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

2016-10-19: Embrace the Martian

This one just always had a fun vibe and put me in a good mood for some reason.

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

10.18 GDT - Silly Season Game 4: No Cups in 7 seasons @ 3 Cups in 7 seasons (Look who's gone to seed)

This Philly team has very little to care about. But...the franchise did lose in 6 games to punctuate the start of this Blackhawks Golden Era, so it's always nice to see them. To quote WSB: "Yes, thanks for all the memories-- all right let's see your arms!"

2016-10-18: Alive

I first heard this because of the duo that created the beat, ratatata (they've also got some great stuff). After the like the 3rd time hearing this I realized it was about a werewolf.

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

2016-10-17: Man on the Moon

His lyrics are what differentiate him from other rappers.

It's Kid Cudi Week thanks to Sopel The Catfish, who says, "Not sure how most people are going to feel about him, but I thoroughly enjoy most of his stuff (and Tech N9ne)."

10.15 GDT - Silly Season Game 3: Fuckin' Quintanas @ a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits With a Plan so Crazy, it Just Might Work.

Tonight's offering was chosen for multiple meaning of the chorus. They definitely couldn't last night. They have been able to in either game so far. I guess a positive is that improving the PK may have turned both efforts into points.

2016-10-15/16: Gets things done

I know this era wasn't actually the artistic pinnacle of Bowie's career, but fuck you, I like this song. In fact, if I need to get some terrible song out of my head or just need some general cheering up, this is the song I'll most often play.

That brings "Fuck you, I like this song" week to a close. But don't worry, I have plenty more of these. We've only just begun. (That song isn't on the list, by the way.)

2016-10-13: Father forgive me

This could have been any number of Pet Shop Boys songs, really.

10.12 GDT: 4-headed Jabba the Hitch and brimming with pee juice at The Kids Are Alright (We Hope)

Starting this season off with a classic inspired by what should be a fun Saturday evening for me (and others, I suppose). Should be an interesting season, parts of it anyway. Frankly, just glad for a little relief from the shitshow going on in the msm these days.

Oh yeah......Fuck The Blues

2016-10-12: I'm not asking a lot

Not only does this song fit with this week's theme ("Fuck you, I like this song"), but, as the 2016-17 NHL season opens, all I want is... well, you know.

2016-10-11: Write it on a pound note

Of course I like this song. I don't even care.

2016-10-10: I'm so hot 'cause I'm in hell

It's "Fuck you, I like this song" week. So here's Harvey Danger. Fuck you, I like this song.

2016-10-08/09: Where is the bloody Lancet?

And now for something completely different.

2016-10-07: Your Love Is My Drug

Despite the fact that it's not quite the end of the week, today Ke$ha Week comes to a close (because Bullitt only listed 5 songs).

2016-10-06: Crazy Kids

Inexplicably, Ke$ha Week continues. Youtube tells me that this track features Will.I.Am. Oh yeah, there he is.

2016-10-05: Tik Tok

What this video could really use is some Captain Lou Albano.

2016-10-04: Die Young

It's Day 2 of Ke$ha Week. None of these people have ever worn onions on their belts.

2016-10-03: We R Who We R

Against my better judgment, it's Ke$ha Week (a/k/a "Blame Bullitt Week," a/k/a "'Holy fuck when did I get so old?' Week"). So, anyway, here's a thing for you to... enjoy? I don't know.

2016-10-01/02: Too much fighting on the dance floor

Okay, so the movie wasn't from the '80s, but the song was, and boy do I love this song.