Back for more punishment.

20190330 Space Age Love Song

JC. Not Jeremy Colliton

20190329 Northern Lilghts - Death Cab

Inspired by New Order?

20190327 Pressure

A little MUSE for your enjoyment

20190325 Come Together

It's a cover.

190318: My pulse pumps out a beat to the ghost dancer

My eyes are dead and my throat's like a black hole.
And if there's a god would he give another chance or 
An hour to sing for his soul?

20190314 Mean Street

They won, but not by enough

20190309 Cum On Feel The Noise

Dragging the bottom here.

20190308 More Tommy James

Well, Have to give Tommy a better chance of wining here. However, as I watched the Mony Mony vids, I think he may have won that too. Anyway, Tommy wins this one right?

20190305 Summertime Blues contest

Lot's of music artists have covered this one. T-Rags(Rex), Rush, Setzer just to name a few, but these are the original and best. Performances just 10 years apart.