Back for more punishment.

12.30 Silly Season Game 38: Champagne on Ice @ all the animals that come out at night - one of these days I'm gonna get my self organizized

2016-12-30: The seven doctors say he was born for good luck

12.29 Silly Season Game 37: Load of Compromising @ the Snow and the Rain - Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo

2016-12-29: I am going down to Hinsdale, take my wallet and my pride

Who? Who? Who doesn't like the Crossroads?

Outside the 'original', me. Haven't heard anyone do anything better than RJ did himself. YMMV.

Also, if you play guitar, Macchio's 'playing' looks like a poorly overdubbed foreign film.

2016-12-28: I got my black cat bones all pure and dry

Neo included a John Mayer version of this one in the list that I just can't abide. The guy is talented enough I guess and I don't really have a problem with (or attraction to) his sound, but the only version I saw was cell phone footage.

As you all know, cell phone footage of live concerts is for brain-boiled colon stacks. I included a Johnny Winter version instead.

12.27 Silly Season Game 36: Peg @ Hawks - Bombers fight at zero feet

2016-12-27: Man cause no good Darling

Today is a neat little journey over almost 8 decades using the same song. The song is a Robert Johnson 'original', I suspect in the same way the Iliad is a Homer original. Also, I always like to highlight how Fleetwood Mac was a prog/blues band before they were a stoner pop band.

2016-12-26: A million dollar reward for me

The next stretch of tunes were submitted by Neo. He stopped by to find a week of Manilow. I suppose it's only fitting to head back to the roots of bar music for a bit of cleansing. He didn't submit descriptions for his selections, but it's pretty easy to figure out. The first post is a popular 'classic rock' song, first performed by the song writer and then by the pop artist. I'd never listened to them back to back until now.

2016-12-24/25: Heart and mouth and deed and life

Cantata BWV 147, "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben." The theme that would become famous as "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" comes from the chorale section of this cantata. Fast forward to 15:33 and 27:11 to hear those parts.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and/or have a good weekend, whichever of those you might be celebrating around now.

12.23 Silly Season Game 35: Neutered Yetis @ This time last year Blackhawks were already on break with a few games left - Their faces changing now, all guernsey cows

2016-12-23: The Art of the Fugue

"Die Kunst der Fuge," BWV 1080, was unfinished (Bach may have died before finishing it), and Bach didn't provide instrumentation so there's a huge variety of arrangements and recordings (including one by Laibach, which I'm saving for another day). If you like the scrolling scores, there's a version for the Art of the Fugue, which is particularly interesting in this case, but I like this recording better (despite some sound quality issues).

2016-12-22: Goldberg Variations

The Goldberg Variations, BWV 988. A little over an hour of solo harpsichord might not be for everyone, but it is definitely for me.

2016-12-21: Where do you go?

Another cantata, "Wo gehest do hin?" BWV 166. I'm partial to the tenor aria starting at 1:34 ("Ich will an den Himmels denken").

12.20 Silly Season Game 34: NHL Hockey Team @ Party-less Blackhawks - Victoria loved them all

2016-12-20: Concerto

Harpsichord Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056. One of my all-time favorites, and I'm partial to this performance of it, too.

2016-12-19: Sleepers Wake

In lieu of Christmas/holiday music (which I'm not really into) this week, you're going to get a whole week of Bach. Up first, the cantata "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme," BWV 140. Fast forward to about 13:25 if you want to hear a familiar part.

12.18 Silly Season Game 33: The Imaginary Vlasic Pickle @ All Tomorrow's Parties - Well, I've never fished here, but I caught beaucoup fish in reverend Burton

2016-12-18: Goin' hoppin'

Barry tells a brief story about how this version of the American Bandstand theme (Bandstand Boogie) came to be.

Bonus video:

12.17 Silly Season Game 32: Jim Cornelison's Anthem @ Fukin' PowerPlay Dance - Oh man, I'm overwhlemed. It's all too much.

2016-12-17: I am music

Laaarmer's Manilow Week is starting to wind down.

2016-12-16: Hold on fast

Okay, I have to admit, I actually like this one a fair bit. The intro is Chopin's Prelude in C Minor, Op. 28, No. 20

12.15 Silly Season Game 31: The Hockey Team in Babylon @ Things Fall Apart - Something like a circus or a sewer

2016-12-15: I must have been crazy

The '70s were messed up.

2016-12-14: Music and passion

Remember, it was laaarmer's idea.

12.13 Silly Season Game 30: Madhouse on Madison's 95% @ Madison's House - Now with 50% more Madison!

2016-12-13: All I could taste was love

Manilow Week!

2016-12-12: I need you today

Maybe you thought or hoped that I'd forgotten, but the text file never forgets. It's Manilow Week, brought to you by laaarmer!

12.11 Silly Season Game 30: #Havers @ #AnotherCupers - The change will do you good. I always knew it would

2016-12-11: Welcome to our single

2016-12-10: The '70s encapsulated

The '70s were a weird time.

12.9 Silly Season Game 29: You're no lady, talkin' that street talk @ The train derailments - You should know the score by now

This might be a good game. But then again, it might not. Considering the current team casualties, our GDT song chooser chose this appropriately bad offering. It does remind me that Bob Odenkirk recently contributed to Drunk History with his take on the Disco Demolition event, so there's always that to look forward to if this game goes south...

2016-12-09: Another season, another reason

Makin' Whoopee from the L.A. Confidential soundtrack. There are tons of versions of this song, but the Gerry Mulligan Quartet recording is the one from the soundtrack.

2016-12-08: Tripped on a cloud

It would hardly be a Random Soundtrack Songs Week without a song from The Big Lebowski.

2016-12-07: Drive

My mom liked this show (Hardcastle & McCormick), so I remember hearing this song (at least a shorter version of it) a LOT. I really liked the car.

12.6 Silly Season Game 28: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer @ Guatemalan Peppers - Note to self: Stop doing anything.

2016-12-06: More Euros

Following up yesterday's Euro-technopop instrumental soundtrack song with another Euro-technopop instrumental soundtrack song. How awesome was this movie, though?

2016-12-05: Palms and pastels

It's Random Soundtrack Songs Week so here's a random soundtrack song

12.4 Silly Season Game 27: Buffnugget Wildpeg Express @ Old-man Windy - They're only laughing. Again a game, again.

2016-12-04: Things fall apart, it's scientific

12.1 Silly Season Game 24: The White Devil @ The Duchess of Malfi: Don't say it's life on the barrier

2016-12-01: Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean

11.29 Silly Season Game 23: The unGallant @ bigtop aftermath - it's a bit like shooting hoops with a tennis ball. It's easy to get it in there but it doesn't satisfy at all.

2016-11-29: And things were looking like a movie

11.26 Silly Season Game 22: The 50/50 FO @ The Turdburglars of Dynasties - You gotta love 'em and leave 'em, sometimes you deceive 'em

2016-11-26: Travel through the brain hit a vein, then remain, let it radiate

11.25 Silly Season Game 21: Doctor, Doctor My dog has no Toews. Then how does he hockey? Awful @ The quacks of our discontent - You who sits on golden arses tinkering your cocktail glasses

2016-11-25: Looking for a fist to put your face in

11.23 Silly Season Game 20: PDO Comeuppance at I was saying Boo-urns: I gots me a knife, a bandanna and a topaz necklace

2016-11-23: Don't ask me, because I don't know why

While I wasn't much into the original first wave of hip hop groups, the breakbeat EDM producers loved them and remix tracks like this one started showing up in all the DJ stores and sites, which was great because these tracks worked for the underground party crowd I actually like Djing for as well as the standard party crowds I DJed for to make money.

2016-11-22: So give me this award, and let's not make it the last

Like Seinfeld, I really liked ATCQ before I moved to NY, but their greatness crystallized for me when I actual understood the local references. For instance, I didn't know what a Carvel was until I saw them all over L.I. Also, I ended up working with a couple of guys who were, at least tangentially, part of their crew and had some good High School Q-Tip stories.

It was good to see the reunion on SNL with Dave Chappell a week ago, but without Phife, it was weird. As always, though, Shaheed's beats were dope.

11.21 Silly Season Game 19: the wild turkeys at the passenger pigeons, destined to be shit out through wholesome American guts. Yes, thanks for all the memories—all right let’s see your arms!

2016-11-21: I watch for the power to run out on the moon (And that'll be sometime soon)

It's old skool week. There was a brief spell in which I listened to quite a bit of ERM and actually helped make beats for a co-worker and his friend. It was a strange time. In a way, it seemed more open as electronic beat-driven music was really just emerging and no one had really laid claimed to anything. We all just sort of did our thing and shared our successes/failures with others so they could do it, too.

But I also remember having to duck down in the back seat on a few occasions as the only white guy in the car as we drove through neighborhoods having Friday night block parties on the way to the studio. And even then, there was an undercurrent of violence. I sort of checked out when one of the MCs we worked with brought a sawed-off shotgun into the studio because he didn't want the cops to somehow see it in his car. He never threatened anyone to any extent with it, but it was enough to know that wasn't my scene.

Anyway, I always loved how the East Coast pulled from their jazz roots. Jazz can be pretty great when you have the time to listen to it, but it doesn't always fit well within the 2:58 wax cylinder song structure to which we've become so accustomed. And no one could afford the licensing to cut up and sample similar source materials these days, so there more than one reason why you don't hear titles like the ones being posted this week. I don't think we're richer for it. Much of that source material is obscure and now it's going to stay that way.

Added Bonus video:

11.18 GDT Silly Season Game 18: Yon' Straight Trippin' 'Hawks @ the Flickering Flame - Juan dances at Chico's and when the clients are evicted he empties the ashtrays

2016-11-18: Funky shit

11.15 GDT Silly Season Game 17: The McLaughlin retort visit Comets @ sunset - Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town

2016-11-15: As happy as a clown

2016-11-14: The life I love

It's Circus Trip time.

11.13 GDT: The Carey Price Experience Featuring Carey Price with Special Guest Carey Price (Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al Remix) @ The Team with More Then One Centers - We got 2 Centers!!!

A Kids in the Hall reference AND a Mr. Show Reference?

For Free??


2016-11-13: Diamond star halo

2016-11-04: Miss America

Laaarmer's Styx Week continues.

2016-11-02: Snowblind

Styx Week, brought to you by laaarmer, Day 3.

2016-10-31: Lorelei

It's Styx Week thanks to our very own laaarmer.

2016-10-29: Counting the days 'til the ice turns green

Yeah...the whole album. Simply a masterpiece.

10.28 GDT Silly Season Game 8: the baddest Johnny In the apple cart @ paint drying - by the end of it, I'm sure we'll all exclaim "meh...that happened."

I imagine Tom Waits heard this and figured he needed to up his game. Early Seeds could do no wrong. They're still pretty great, but there was a time when they were unimpeachable.

2016-10-28: Tell me to relax, I just stare

One of the most under-rated bands of all time...

2016-10-27: Peeling the skin back from my eyes

Welcome to Focal Point! I'm surprised this one hasn't been used before.

2016-10-25: We are rather helpless...

Always good for burning a few hundred calories

10.24 GDT Silly Season Game 7: The Frolik Eyebrow Band featuring #BrouwerPowerHour with special guest VerBumpkin @ A Whole Lotta Rozsi - Hey ho, here we go ever so high.

2016-10-24: And all the world is putting-the-biscuit-in-the-basket shaped

It's 1985 Summer Playlist Week. These are the songs most likely to be heard on the radio in my friends' cars as we tooled around. My Ford Pinto didn't have a radio so these are mostly friend's selections.

This one was most commonly heard going to Whitewater

2016-10-23: Pursuit Of Happiness

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

10.22 GDT Silly Season Game 6: Mechastreisandcock @ the Washington Generals PK - Falling through another plane Never one the same

We probably need these points. We probably need to stop every PK. We probably need the money players to put some in the net again. Or not. Season is still early.

2016-10-22: 50 Ways to Make a Record

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

10.21 GDT Silly Season Game 5: Musical D @ Dirt Barons - They play you a death-song. You probably listen.

2016-10-21: Soundtrack To My Life

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish
bhh: looks like the hissy fit hack-a-thon on the east coast has taken down Disqus for me. I can load posts for now but comments aren't showing up. I suspect most of us are experiencing this, but no way to know. Twitter is also out for me. Gmail works.

2016-10-20: Sky Might fall

Another one that would help pick me up.

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

2016-10-19: Embrace the Martian

This one just always had a fun vibe and put me in a good mood for some reason.

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

10.18 GDT - Silly Season Game 4: No Cups in 7 seasons @ 3 Cups in 7 seasons (Look who's gone to seed)

This Philly team has very little to care about. But...the franchise did lose in 6 games to punctuate the start of this Blackhawks Golden Era, so it's always nice to see them. To quote WSB: "Yes, thanks for all the memories-- all right let's see your arms!"

2016-10-18: Alive

I first heard this because of the duo that created the beat, ratatata (they've also got some great stuff). After the like the 3rd time hearing this I realized it was about a werewolf.

Kid Cudi Week -- Sopel The Catfish

2016-10-17: Man on the Moon

His lyrics are what differentiate him from other rappers.

It's Kid Cudi Week thanks to Sopel The Catfish, who says, "Not sure how most people are going to feel about him, but I thoroughly enjoy most of his stuff (and Tech N9ne)."

10.15 GDT - Silly Season Game 3: Fuckin' Quintanas @ a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits With a Plan so Crazy, it Just Might Work.

Tonight's offering was chosen for multiple meaning of the chorus. They definitely couldn't last night. They have been able to in either game so far. I guess a positive is that improving the PK may have turned both efforts into points.

2016-10-15/16: Gets things done

I know this era wasn't actually the artistic pinnacle of Bowie's career, but fuck you, I like this song. In fact, if I need to get some terrible song out of my head or just need some general cheering up, this is the song I'll most often play.

That brings "Fuck you, I like this song" week to a close. But don't worry, I have plenty more of these. We've only just begun. (That song isn't on the list, by the way.)

2016-10-13: Father forgive me

This could have been any number of Pet Shop Boys songs, really.

10.12 GDT: 4-headed Jabba the Hitch and brimming with pee juice at The Kids Are Alright (We Hope)

Starting this season off with a classic inspired by what should be a fun Saturday evening for me (and others, I suppose). Should be an interesting season, parts of it anyway. Frankly, just glad for a little relief from the shitshow going on in the msm these days.

Oh yeah......Fuck The Blues

2016-10-12: I'm not asking a lot

Not only does this song fit with this week's theme ("Fuck you, I like this song"), but, as the 2016-17 NHL season opens, all I want is... well, you know.

2016-10-11: Write it on a pound note

Of course I like this song. I don't even care.

2016-10-10: I'm so hot 'cause I'm in hell

It's "Fuck you, I like this song" week. So here's Harvey Danger. Fuck you, I like this song.

2016-10-08/09: Where is the bloody Lancet?

And now for something completely different.

2016-10-07: Your Love Is My Drug

Despite the fact that it's not quite the end of the week, today Ke$ha Week comes to a close (because Bullitt only listed 5 songs).

2016-10-06: Crazy Kids

Inexplicably, Ke$ha Week continues. Youtube tells me that this track features Will.I.Am. Oh yeah, there he is.

2016-10-05: Tik Tok

What this video could really use is some Captain Lou Albano.

2016-10-04: Die Young

It's Day 2 of Ke$ha Week. None of these people have ever worn onions on their belts.

2016-10-03: We R Who We R

Against my better judgment, it's Ke$ha Week (a/k/a "Blame Bullitt Week," a/k/a "'Holy fuck when did I get so old?' Week"). So, anyway, here's a thing for you to... enjoy? I don't know.

2016-10-01/02: Too much fighting on the dance floor

Okay, so the movie wasn't from the '80s, but the song was, and boy do I love this song.

2016-09-30: Moving sidewalks

I always had a soft spot for this song. I don't think I've ever even seen Streets of Fire.

2016-09-29: Pulverize

From Repo Man

2016-09-28: I took a ride

The Valley Girl soundtrack was quite Plimsouls-heavy

2016-09-26: They play pool in your house

I think this week is going to be '80s movie soundtrack songs (that I like, not shitty ones), but I don't have a list already put together so let's see how far I get winging it before I give up.

2016-09-24/25: Heaven Only Knows

Wrapping up Donkey Brains' Sopranos Week with Emmylou Harris.

2016-09-23: Core 'ngrato

"Ungrateful Heart," scored in 1911 by Salvatore Cardillo, an Italian immigrant to the U.S., sung by Dominic Chianese, a/k/a Junior Soprano/Johnny Ola.

2016-09-22: Thru and Thru

Today on Sopranos Week: some Stones.

2016-09-21: Glad Tidings

For Day 3 of Sopranos Week, we have a little Van Morrison.

2016-09-20: It Was a Very Good Year

Day 2 of Sopranos Week brings us Ol' Blue Eyes himself.

2016-09-19: Affection

This week, courtesy of our very own Donkey Brains, we have music from the Sopranos. Today, the Lost Boys.

2016-09-18: I must have been asleep for days

Wrapping this week up with an easy-like-Sunday morning mashup that hits pretty much every turn. There's a weird timing thing in the Commodores song that's super apparent here, but otherwise, this one flows together like butter and chocolate.

2016-09-17: Where did you come from lady

Kind of crazy how straight-outta-hitsville this WHAM! backer is, but it slots in pretty nicely. OTOH, as much as I love vocoder, the vocoder should've been nixed in this mix. Doesn't belong.

2016-09-16: girls ...and boys

Pretty sure I'm the only one who will like this one, but I've always liked Soulwax, not for technical abilities so much, but because they don't belabor their attempts. And they're clever. And span many genre's at a time. I can vouch for their ability to accompany one driving across the state of Wyoming overnight if that helps.

2016-09-15: It used to be so civilised

I had Salt-n-Peppa mashed with The Stooges here but changed it because, while it's good, it's hard to listen to for a full 3 minutes. I'll touch on that later this week, but the replacement I find pretty interesting, though maybe not a true mashup. BRAT (who does most of the mashups I've posted) apparently works for Depeche Mode and can get unprecedented DM source material. In this one, he puts the actual DM vocals on a 3rd party ska instrumental cover. It works pretty well.

2016-09-14: Your sky all hung with jewels

I was skeptical of this one being any good. Echo is a a favorite of mine and U.N.K.L.E. just sort of exists. It works well enough.

2016-09-13: Ba de ya - golden dreams were shiny days

I've always liked both these songs, but not really the bands to any great extent. The Daft Punk backer gets a little muted here under EWaF's bombast, but overall it's pretty neat. BTW - the Daft Punk original (Digital Love) has two features I find enthralling: the way the instrumental veers between robotic/expressive and the Rhodes piano used in the break being the actual Rhodes Supertramp used in The Logical song. It's uncanny.

2016-09-12: You'll see things in a different way

It's mashup week. I'm not a fan of mashups for the most part. While the slightest incompatible detail breaks the spell, sometimes enough work/luck produce an interesting take on two well-known songs. Too often, though, they're generally just lazy attempts to capitalize on novelty. The mashups this week are mostly pretty good as in they're done really well or they are particularly clever. See if you agree. Or don't. I'm not telling any of you robots what to do.

2016-09-10/11: Closer to the Heart

Rush Week comes to an end with Closer to the Heart. Paddy O provided a long enough list that I think we could do another full Rush week sometime.

2016-09-09: Time Stand Still

Today's Rush Week entry features some awesome chroma key effects.

2016-09-08: Limelight

BHH hijacked yesterday's post, but, having revealed my true form, I wrested control back from him to continue Rush Week.

2016-09-07: Jacob's Ladder

bhh might have hijacked today's entry...

2016-09-06: New World Man

Rush Week, Day 2: New World Man

2016-09-05: Red Barchetta

It's Rush Week, brought to you by Paddy O'Furniture!

2016-09-03/04: Rocky Mountain Way

Triumph Week comes to a close, but laaarmer listed more songs than I generally use in a week, so at some point there will probably be some bonus Triumph.

2016-09-02: Blinding Light Show

It's Day 5 of Triumph Week. This is labeled as the "official video" on YouTube, but it also says that it was a bootleg fan-recorded video from "circa 1980."

2016-09-01: Rock & Roll Machine

It's September, which means hockey is coming soon! And also Day 4 of Triumph Week. One night in early 1987, Halifax was the rockin'-est place on earth.

2016-08-31: Lay It on the Line

Triumph Week, Day 3, featuring late 70s feathered hair and bell bottoms.

2016-08-30: Fight the Good Fight

Day 2 of Triumph Week brings Fight the Good Fight. Also mullets! Shiny shirts! Stripey pants! High school flashbacks!

2016-08-29: Triumph Week!

Thanks to laaarmer (or complain to him if you don't like it), this week is Triumph Week! Today, it's Magic Power, which I assume is what is conferred by all those fantastic mullets.

2016-08-27/28: They can't hurt you now

Thus endeth 1978 Week.

2016-08-25: It's up to you

Fuck you, I love Foreigner.

2016-08-22: Don't you ever leave

And now, 1978 Week! Because why not?

2016-08-20/21: Fill my eyes

Fuck you, I love Foreigner (before they went all 100% power ballad).

2016-08-15: You make my motor run

This week's theme, for some reason, is 1979. The year, not the Smashing Pumpkins song.


The Minutiae & Mundane

2016-08-12: Do I have to spell it out?


2016-08-08: You're so pusillanimous, oh yeah

It's Rutles Week for some reason. Many have tried to copy the Beatles, but none have come within shouting distance, except Neil Innes. It probably helped that he had both the resources of the Pythons (he's sometimes called the 7th Python)and George Harrison. And it also needed the comedic angle as no one was going to out-Beatle the Beatles. Still, many of the Rutles songs, though fashioned after Beatles songs, stand on their own as excellent compositions.

2016-07-27: One Goal

I, uh, lost interest in the prank phone call thing. Instead, I'll just post some stuff from 51 Phantom.

2016-07-25: You got anything by Hobo Barf up there?

I just sort of happened upon this week's reference. The prank phone call artist is difficult for me to get any sort of interest in, but Longmont Potion Castle is pretty unusual. I liked Jerky Boys, for instance, but their stuff aged pretty quickly and they waaaaay overstayed their welcome. I don't know how much I'll listen to these guys, but for now, they're pretty good.

2016-07-18: Stop all the downloadin'

It's Fensler Films G.I. Joe PSA Week. It's always some kind of week.

2016-07-11: Listen to the voices in your brain

It's "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" week. Here, in the middle of summer, with no likely trades, signings or any other sort of real hockey goings on, it's going to take something special to pass the time. Anybody who likes these has probably already seen them, but just in case someone's missed them (and as a nod to our time traveling computer op overlords who may find these posts in the future in their efforts to cull the bad citizens), here's the down-low guide on many of the most worrisome subjects of the these modern times.

2016-07-01: I like to go out dancing

Happy Canada Day, eh

2016-06-25/26: Too hot to handle

I hate summer and everyone can suffer along with me.

16-6-11/6-12: But this is the best part

I've kind of always been way too much of a fan of Parker Posey. This scene nails everything I know about relationships. This whole episode, really - S03E05.

16-6-7: Could you keep it down, please?

This episode is probably the first one to make me think this series was going to be something different. There's a film-like depth to this scene that was almost unheard of in TV programming. Also, hey! this is supposed to be a comedy show, right?

16-6-6: You would not have survived the camps.

Welcome to Louie Week. While a couple of scenes here are from my favorite episodes, it's really hard to pick just six scenes as almost every episode is pretty entertaining.

Also, I'm using this week as a sort of notice to everyone that I've made an official place for submitting media to anchor future discussions, GDT, etc. I personally like the idea of theme weeks, but submit however you like. A stitch in variety is worth two in the bush, as they say.

2016-05-28/29: Feeling of Falling

Paul the Fossil Week wraps up with Bonnie Raitt and "Feeling of Falling." FFF agrees with PtF when he says, "You youngsters will understand one day."

2016-05-27: 74 Years Young

According to PtF, "Q's theme song a few more Cups from now."

2016-05-26: Big Boned Gal

Today's PtF selection features k.d. lang and a fiddle. Says PTF, "I know Seabs is actually from BC not Alberta, but it still works."

2016-05-25: The Dream

Day 3 of PtF Week brings us some Albert Collins, Robert Cray, and Johnny Copeland. You like guitar? Here's some guitar.

2016-05-24: Draggin' the River

PtF Week continues with Buddy Miller and with what PtF suggests Blues fans must feel like when they see the captain they could have had.

2016-05-23: Got a Bad Feeling (Gonna Be a Good Night)

It's Paul the Fossil Week!

I've been pretty bad about working my way through the list of song suggestions PtF has sent me, so this week I'm going to at least improve (if not altogether remedy) the situation. First up is Curtis Salgado.

2015-05-18: Wrong part of the yard

I really like these guys. Movits! from Sweden.

2016-05-14/15: Big wheels keep on turning

There's pretty much nothing about this song I should like, and yet I find it terribly catchy.

2016-05-09: Lochs of Dread

An Official PtF Musical Selection

2016-05-06: Tired of ordinary television?

This isn't technically a theme song I guess, but you try coming up with these things every day. Anyway, this opening is the one I remember most for whatever reason.

2016-05-04: Shadowy

Okay, after yesterday I realized that I'd inadvertently set up Canadian TV Shows Theme Week (anyone else remember The Vacant Lot?) but now that I'm three days in I'm not sure that I'll be able to stretch it to a full week. In fact, I'll be lucky to get further than tomorrow. Sorry Canada. Sorry, I meant "sore-ry."

2016-04-30: When you wake up it's a new morning

I know some of you are going to complain about today's song choice but SUCK IT THIS SONG IS AWESOME and you're wrong.

2016-04-22 Overflow: The world isn't coming to an end

2016-04-22: Looking like a true survivor

While it would have been appropriate to post something from Prince today, a lot of his stuff isn't found (at least in high quality) on Youtube. I also thought this would be the right song after last night/early this morning.

SCPGDT 1.1: GarbageOrg @ actual garbage - Magic make no sound

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

SCPGDT 1.0: GarbageOrg @ actual garbage - Shoot speed kill light

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

I don't know if bbglorysask shows up, but anything negative that happens is undeniably the fault of his absenteeism. So we got that going for us...