Back for more punishment.

2015-08-27: Same old story, same old song

Goes all right ‘til it goes all wrong

2015-08-26: Is Hossa a natural beast or was he created?

In honor of Hossa’s cup day, here’s another selection from Paul the Fossil

2015-08-25: See the danger, always danger

Your confusion, my illusion

2015-08-22/23: Gonna make you groove

Another song with shifting time signatures, this time between 4/4 and 5/4. I think there’s also a bit of polyrhythm in there.

2015-08-21: Take Five

Because it’s in 5/4, get it?

2015-08-20: I think I need a Lear jet

Well, of course you knew this one was inevitable. Another well-hidden 7/4 classic.

Boys and girl, I’m off to the America’s Hat for a little while, but never fear. I’ve scheduled links thread posts to show up automatically each morning until I get back– assuming this works, of course, as I’ve never actually used that feature. Tim Horton’s, here I come!

2015-08-19: Here is where you got lost

See, I know of some music more current than 80’s! This is a fun one that has verses in (4 x 4/4) + 2/4, then chorus I in 5/4, then chorus II in 4/4. I also didn’t know until just now that Kristen Schaal was in the video (or, in fact, that there was even a video for this song).

2015-08-18: Just wind in sails

I’m pretty sure BHH posted this song a while back, but I love this song and it fits my theme. Also, I’m not letting The Man keep me down. Anyway, here’s an unsubtle 7/4 that smacks you right upside the head. It’s probably hard to chant in 7/4, so the bridge is 4/4. I prefer the album version, but the single version has a fun/crazy video that’s worth watching, if nothing else, for the little dance Mark Mothersbaugh does.

2015-08-17: I did not believe the information

It’s Unusual Time Signatures Week, so get ready for some non-4/4 (or even ¾, 2/4, or 6/8)! First up, a well-disguised 7/4.

2015-08-14: Silver lining

We will get by.

2015-08-10: Funk bass meets electric banjo, hilarity ensues

Today’s musical selection courtesy of our very own Paul the Fossil!

2015-08-08/09: Moonlight

Of course, the first movement of this sonata is the famous one, but I think it pales in comparison to the second and third. I like Barenboim’s recordings of these sonatas because I think they’re well balanced. They’re warm but not overly sentimental, virtuosic (obviously) without being flamboyant. Compared to other recordings I’ve heard, they might be a bit “dry”, but I actually prefer that.

I hope you found something you liked this week.

2015-08-07: Gloria

If you enjoy choral music, check out Russian religious music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Kastalsky isn’t exactly a household name, but he’s worth checking out.

2015-08-06: “Margrave” sounds like a Dr. Who villain

Back to the Baroque with Bach (and light alliteration). Again, I couldn’t find the recording I wanted, but this one is a pretty good substitute. A lot of renditions of this piece are much slower and “stately,” which I’m really not into. They will tend to lose one of the things I like most about it: the gradual build-up and then exuberant release of musical tension, which happens several times throughout.

I could talk about Bach all day. But I won’t. Not today, anyway.

2015-08-05: The stars at night are big and bright

Jumping ahead about 150 years, here’s some Schumann. Choral music isn’t what people most associate with Schumann, but I’ve always particularly liked this song. The lyrics (with English translation) are poignant, too, as Schumann suffered from some sort of mental illness and looks to the stars or heavens for peace.

2015-08-04: A dance you probably won’t dance to

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find the recording I wanted on Youtube. It’s a touch slower than this one, so it comes off as a little moodier and more melancholy. And it has harpsichord on continuo, so the sound is a little richer. For me, this is a pretty good second choice, though.

2015-08-03: Have mercy

If there were a Monster Hits of Renaissance Polyphony CD (actually, there are probably a number of them), this would definitely be on it. In other words, you probably couldn’t claim to be a Renaissance music hipster if you admit to liking this. I think I could listen to it all day, though.

If you’re into this sort of thing, the Tallis Scholars will be performing in Chicago next spring. Details here.

2015-08-01/02: There is time to kill today

(The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older.)