Back for more punishment.

2017-02-28: Tool - Sober

Heh heh whoa

It's Beavis & Butthead Week brought to you by laaarmer.

2017-02-27: You're white

It's Beavis & Butthead Week here at the ol' 17s.

2.26 Silly Season Game #2016020917: a bottle of brandy @ twice the size of me - They said I could call you Sidney. Oh I couldn't make out why

2017-02-26: Starry Eyes

Power Pop at its best

The Records close out Waylon's "what I'm listening to this now" week.

2017-02-25: The Cutter

this music is making a comeback (and none too soon)

(For some of us, it never left.)

2017-02-24: Jurco Homo Overflow.

2017-02-24: Smokestack Lightning

passed much too soon for my liking

Today from "new guy" Waylon, it's Howlin' Wolf.

2.23 Silly Season Game #2016020898: the paisley dragon@ the saber tooth horse - Passion dripping from the coyote's eyes He can taste his blood

2017-02-23: Fuji-San

off the radar these days but she still brings it when interested

I'd like to think Patti Smith is never really off the radar...

2017-02-22: Southern Sun

Aussie Group definitely knows their 70's licks

"New Guy Week" by Waylon presents Boy & Bear

2.21 Silly Season Game #2016020889: The Peter Hook sellout bass-line @ Jimmy Sommerville's falsetto - The past doesn't matter.

2017-02-21: She Bangs the Drums

the late (and lamented) Manchester Sound

Day 2 of Waylon's "New Guy Week" is The Stone Roses

2017-02-20: New Guy Week

dude is known for a lot more than Stray Cats

This week's music brought to you by "new guy" Waylon. The theme is "what I'm listening to now." Today it's The Knife Feels Like Justice by Brian Setzer.

2.19 Silly Season Game #2016020872: Goin' fishin' @ a watermelon patch - All ya gotta do is put your mind to it. Knuckle down, buckle down do it, do it, do it.

2017-02-19: Buffalo Soldier

2.18 Silly Season Game #2016020863: Billy Dolls looking @ my watch, it says 19:88 - Breaking up is hard, but keeping dark is hateful

2017-02-18: The Boys Are Back In Town

2017-02-12: Crazy little thing

Since yesterday was a crazy cover of a Queen song, today is an actual Queen song.

2.11 Silly Season Game #2016020827: the nice @ if they only could - You don't need money to open your eyes

2017-02-11: Geburt einer Nation

2.10 Silly Season Game #2016020814: right @ wrong - Can't you see we're wastin' time, yeah?

2017-02-10 Part Deux: Electric Beauxgaleux

2017-02-10: Reach out for tomorrow

2.8 Silly Season Game #2016020801: Strophe @ Antistrophe - Church bells ring out the toll of our night

2017-02-08: Attack Ships On Fire

2017-02-06: We got fun and games

By way of welcome to Waylon and anyone else who may be wandering by.

2.4 Silly Season Game #2016020781: Who Even Knows @ Who Even Knows - If the good lord is willing and the creek don't rise

2017-02-04: Candy-O

2.2 Silly Season Game #2016020764: The Dog Days of Winter @ The Dogs - Flying on the breeze of the Plains of old Sedona, AZ above the trees...

There are few songs I like as much as this one. Flagstaff/Sedona is one of my favorite areas on earth and Chuck captured it perfectly. And it's the capper for one of my top 10 goat albums. If I'm driving somewhere and I need to get down the road 40 minutes, this one does it.

Although...I found out last season the 3 hour ATX-DFW trip takes no time during a good Hawks game. In any case, here's hoping the final 20 (if not 40) are best bedded by Havalinas, peacefully cruising and on to the next (which is here).

2017-02-02: Lookin' like a tramp