Back for more punishment.

2017-12-25/26: Throw your arms around the world

Merry Christmas and/or your holiday of choice, everyone

2017-12-16: It's all over you

Electric Blue - Icehouse

2017-12-15: All I ask you

Let Me Be There - Olivia Newton-John

2017-12-13: Dream on

Original Sin - INXS

GDT #20170473: the long draught @ the not appreciated - Check the guy's track record

2017-12-12: The world turns

In the Ghetto - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

This week, have some Australians

2017-12-11: I was so confused

Even the Nights Are Better - Air Supply

GDT #20170457: A dog is barking @ The Moon - It is some strange addiction when you need to put yourself back in your eye

In honor of why I'll probably miss the end of tonight's tilt: 2/3rds of this band playing tonight as Poptone.

2017-12-10: Someone's sneaking around the corner

2017-12-09: I guess I should have known

See A Little Light - Bob Mould

2017-12-05: We always did feel the same

Tangled Up In Blue - Bob Dylan

2017-12-04: It's you once again

Big Log - Robert Plant