Back for more punishment.

2016-09-30: Moving sidewalks

I always had a soft spot for this song. I don't think I've ever even seen Streets of Fire.

2016-09-29: Pulverize

From Repo Man

2016-09-28: I took a ride

The Valley Girl soundtrack was quite Plimsouls-heavy

2016-09-26: They play pool in your house

I think this week is going to be '80s movie soundtrack songs (that I like, not shitty ones), but I don't have a list already put together so let's see how far I get winging it before I give up.

2016-09-24/25: Heaven Only Knows

Wrapping up Donkey Brains' Sopranos Week with Emmylou Harris.

2016-09-23: Core 'ngrato

"Ungrateful Heart," scored in 1911 by Salvatore Cardillo, an Italian immigrant to the U.S., sung by Dominic Chianese, a/k/a Junior Soprano/Johnny Ola.

2016-09-22: Thru and Thru

Today on Sopranos Week: some Stones.

2016-09-21: Glad Tidings

For Day 3 of Sopranos Week, we have a little Van Morrison.

2016-09-20: It Was a Very Good Year

Day 2 of Sopranos Week brings us Ol' Blue Eyes himself.

2016-09-19: Affection

This week, courtesy of our very own Donkey Brains, we have music from the Sopranos. Today, the Lost Boys.

2016-09-18: I must have been asleep for days

Wrapping this week up with an easy-like-Sunday morning mashup that hits pretty much every turn. There's a weird timing thing in the Commodores song that's super apparent here, but otherwise, this one flows together like butter and chocolate.

2016-09-17: Where did you come from lady

Kind of crazy how straight-outta-hitsville this WHAM! backer is, but it slots in pretty nicely. OTOH, as much as I love vocoder, the vocoder should've been nixed in this mix. Doesn't belong.

2016-09-16: girls ...and boys

Pretty sure I'm the only one who will like this one, but I've always liked Soulwax, not for technical abilities so much, but because they don't belabor their attempts. And they're clever. And span many genre's at a time. I can vouch for their ability to accompany one driving across the state of Wyoming overnight if that helps.

2016-09-15: It used to be so civilised

I had Salt-n-Peppa mashed with The Stooges here but changed it because, while it's good, it's hard to listen to for a full 3 minutes. I'll touch on that later this week, but the replacement I find pretty interesting, though maybe not a true mashup. BRAT (who does most of the mashups I've posted) apparently works for Depeche Mode and can get unprecedented DM source material. In this one, he puts the actual DM vocals on a 3rd party ska instrumental cover. It works pretty well.

2016-09-14: Your sky all hung with jewels

I was skeptical of this one being any good. Echo is a a favorite of mine and U.N.K.L.E. just sort of exists. It works well enough.

2016-09-13: Ba de ya - golden dreams were shiny days

I've always liked both these songs, but not really the bands to any great extent. The Daft Punk backer gets a little muted here under EWaF's bombast, but overall it's pretty neat. BTW - the Daft Punk original (Digital Love) has two features I find enthralling: the way the instrumental veers between robotic/expressive and the Rhodes piano used in the break being the actual Rhodes Supertramp used in The Logical song. It's uncanny.

2016-09-12: You'll see things in a different way

It's mashup week. I'm not a fan of mashups for the most part. While the slightest incompatible detail breaks the spell, sometimes enough work/luck produce an interesting take on two well-known songs. Too often, though, they're generally just lazy attempts to capitalize on novelty. The mashups this week are mostly pretty good as in they're done really well or they are particularly clever. See if you agree. Or don't. I'm not telling any of you robots what to do.

2016-09-10/11: Closer to the Heart

Rush Week comes to an end with Closer to the Heart. Paddy O provided a long enough list that I think we could do another full Rush week sometime.

2016-09-09: Time Stand Still

Today's Rush Week entry features some awesome chroma key effects.

2016-09-08: Limelight

BHH hijacked yesterday's post, but, having revealed my true form, I wrested control back from him to continue Rush Week.

2016-09-07: Jacob's Ladder

bhh might have hijacked today's entry...

2016-09-06: New World Man

Rush Week, Day 2: New World Man

2016-09-05: Red Barchetta

It's Rush Week, brought to you by Paddy O'Furniture!

2016-09-03/04: Rocky Mountain Way

Triumph Week comes to a close, but laaarmer listed more songs than I generally use in a week, so at some point there will probably be some bonus Triumph.

2016-09-02: Blinding Light Show

It's Day 5 of Triumph Week. This is labeled as the "official video" on YouTube, but it also says that it was a bootleg fan-recorded video from "circa 1980."

2016-09-01: Rock & Roll Machine

It's September, which means hockey is coming soon! And also Day 4 of Triumph Week. One night in early 1987, Halifax was the rockin'-est place on earth.