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Crossing Streams, 'Droid Arrivin', Windows Stylin'

Some folk won't have problems finding ways to watch games online, but then again some folk'll. Due to so many different platforms, connection types, physical locations, etc. just doesn't work in every situation and especially bad if one happens to be fans of the best team in the league as so many games are nationally televised. While some of these methods may work without subscriptions or accounts, it's a good idea to have a paid account anyway as these methods may quit working at anytime and 1988 is locked in for $21M per season until you die.

In case you have an official account and are legally permitted to watch the game(s) but are unable to get the official streams working, the below describes some alternative methods people have said work. People who claim some knowledge of these methods have said that no method is guaranteed, but being handy with 2 or 3 of them seem to have to close to 100% success. Who knows? They are listed in an unknown hierarchy of dependability/price:

Name: LazyMan
Platform: Win/Mac/Linux
Link: r/LazyMan subReddit
About: Basically delivers all games in all available official formats, feeds, bitrates, etc. Includes all games available on NHL servers. Also has option to record games which can be useful if having problems with streaming feeds cutting out due to bandwidth issues.
Pros: Has any game available on official servers with better viewing options; free
Cons: Will go down, sometimes for several days. May end at any time without notice.

Name: NHLGames
Platform: Win
Link: r/nhl_games subReddit 
About: Pretty much does what LazyMan does. Interface is a bit different.
Pros: Identical to LazyMan sometimes works when LazyMan doesn't (& vice versa); free
Cons: Same as LazyMan. Best to have both.

Name: NHL66
Platform: Web (any OS)
About: Hosts independent streams of each game in several formats.
Pros: Very reliable. Free. Streams live, download past games.

Cons: Your conscience.

Name: Caststreams
Platform: Web (any OS)/Android (apk)
About: Hosts independent streams of each game in several formats.
Pros: Most reliable. Free options for each game. Works with chromecast
Cons: Doesn't serve pre or post season games. Best options require donation.

Name: Game Center Live Adfreetime Blackout Companion
Platform: Win/OSX/iOS/Ubuntu and pretty much all other systems/media players
About: Will negate any region restrictions you might have for basically anything
Pros: Negates most blackouts. Fs' swears by it (instead of at it)
Cons: $1.99/mo; requires subscription

Name: onhockey
Platform: browser-based
About: Carries almost every game being live broadcast. Probably a game on right now.
Pros: links multiple streams; carries most non-NHL games; free
Cons: Quality can be very spotty. Has garish overlay. Is sometimes obtrusive with ads

Name: Reddit Sub NHLStreams
Platform: browser
Link: r\NHLStreams
About: Reddit community for requesting and posting hockey streams
Pros: If any of the above fail, this sub will likely have an alternative posted
Cons: Must be careful about choosing a stream. Among the quality streams like private youtube games, one can be sure to see predatory feeds with heavy ad-overlays. Bots post for every game. Wear a condom.