Back for more punishment.

20200130 Hate To Say I Told You So

Well, that was enough of that.

20200122 Uncle Johns Band

It's the start of Dead time.

20180118 S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

After you listen, my apologies.
Go Hawks!  I better not hear too much Hall and Oates tonight.

20200117 Friday I'm In Love

Here's a song that mentions Saturday that doesn't suck.

20200114 Saturday Night Special

Couple of days to throw some "Saturday" songs in as Saturday will be the biggest game in the history of games. There are some real cheezy songs about Saturday.

20200115 My Hero (Mon Heros) TOG

Bigger tool? Howard Stern or Howard Stern?

Twenty Twenty 0113 The Spirit Of Radio

Rode my bike up to Flip Side and bought Breakfast In America, In Through The Out Door and Permanent Waves.
The Yamaha's from my new stereo sounded so good.  My wife sold them a few years ago at a garage sale for $50 each..........I'd have to spend about a grand to get them back.  They would never sound as good as they did back then, though.

'200109 Johnny Marr or Smiths? GDT

Are these covers or are they not covers?

20200106 - Manic Monday

Time traveling is over, we're back to 2020

20190104 Rock Bottom

There was a time when I just left this album on my turntable. 13-14 year old me.