Back for more punishment.

20211106 - You did this, Blackhawks

Video wrap of CHI v. WPG

20211101 GDT - Bad teams deserve bad things

Keep that chin up, yo

The ear-beatings will continue until the rankings improve

20211012 Gameday! (tomorrow)

This was on the radio as one of the worst songs of the 80s

20210929 - FPGDT mama told me x7

I started the Randy Newman time frame. In yer face, laaarms.

20210917 Mtv

Throwback yesterday. 21:03 is for FFF's and for all you that want another good song - 36:26

20210903 - something something drummer

What is the difference between a drummer and a savings bond?
One will mature and make money.

2021090one Boys

And you thought I was done.

20210819 bhh asked for it

She could sing too, even when you didn't want to hear her.

20210817 Moon

Ill post another in the comments.

20210816 singing drummer week

not the guy ftom ff you were expecting.

20210811 Creep (cover)

I think she likes this song as there are a few other versions out there. Not bad, eh there, hosers. Kinda like it. I think she may be a bit of a stoner, but I have no proof.

20210810 White Flag

Everybody have a nice day. I have two of her cds and if I played them straight through, I might never know the songs changed. Nice voice, etc., though.

20210722 Rebel Yell

wake up mothfuckers

20210719 - Bad 90s music

I like this song which means it's probably awful

20210628 Taxman Start

SCFGDT - Very Good covers week begins with this beauty. If this was a Lennon McCartney tune, they surely would have been sued, but George might have had some experience with that sort of thing.

20210617 Born Under Punches

Was going to do a Tina appreciation week, but this will do. Not bad, as they say. All Chris can do is bang on the drums, until after the concert.....

20210515 Sleep Now In The Fire

There were some good bands in the 90's

20210609 Rip Her To Shreds

You know her!

20210526 Clash City Rockers

Green Day my ass

20210521 Good Vibrations

Rampart, we have a male victim.........

20210520 - Spitfire turn and pop a wheelie, burn evil chasing

NE1: "Tony, who own the COVID?" Tony : "Owns! Owns!"

20210519 Too much baseball thread. Detectorists rerun.

Watching this show for the 2nd time through. Love it.

20210510 GDT - Start Of The Breakdown and more

The whole thing for those with time.

20210427 GDT Underdog

Yesterday was too sad.

20210424/25 Little Willy

A little Sweet never killed anybody.

202104something GDT Only Sixteen

I don't know what this song is about....