Back for more punishment.

2017-04-30: No confessions

Modern Love - David Bowie

2017-04-29: Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied

Always On My Mind - Pet Shop Boys

2017-04-28: Do I have to tell the story

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police

2017-04-27: Your frustration will not let you speak

Der Kommissar - After The Fire

2017-04-26: I am the king of the divan

Okay, this is definitely one of the relentlessly cheerful ones. Cheerful-sounding anyway because I have no idea what it's actually about (except his cat "Splash").

Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand

2017-04-24: Don't it feel good

This week is songs that always cheer me up. They might not all be super chipper songs (most them are), but for one reason or other they brighten my mood when I hear them.

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves

2017-04-23: The Bus Boys - Cleaning Up the Town

no idea why they didn't get more notice

The Days Before Rap by Waylon

2017-04-22: Dance Little Sister - Terence Trent D'arby

This guy was a thing.

The Days Before Rap by Waylon

2017-04-21: Dazz - Brick

Unfairly maligned (mostly because of the Bee Gees), Disco had some great artists

The Days Before Rap by Waylon

2017-04-19: It's Too Late to Turn Back Now - Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose

They had a few follow up hits as well

The Days Before Rap by Waylon

2017-04-18: Stone Soul Picnic - The Fifth Dimension

Music and Lyrics by the legendary Laura Nyro

The Days Before Rap by Waylon

2017-04-14: You can't kill time without injuring us

Mates of State - Goods (All in Your Head)
Interlude thread choices by 'Cip

4.13 Urine-colored/composed Things @ Blackhawks, Game 1: This shortest straw has been pulled for you

2017-04-13: but there's no going back

Kissing Tigers - Pleasure of Resistance
Interlude thread choices by 'Cip

2017-04-12: Mostly we were killing it

The Hundred In The Hands - Killing It
Interlude thread choices by 'Cip

2017-04-11: Set your sights straight now, don't forget pain

Hey Marseilles - Rio
Interlude thread choices by 'Cip

2017-04-10: I hear that you wanna ditch me but you know I'm not such a bad seed.

Yours to Keep - Teddybears STHLM
Interlude thread choices by 'Cip

2017-04-09: Велик - Грибы

Ukranian band. Kinda like 90s style club music with rapping about chicks and psychedelics.

Thanks to the Gatest Gamer, we all know how to party like a Russian now. (The Party is never really over.)

4.8 Intersquad playoff tuneup #2016021220: mehHawks @ the ToS CreamDream - We just can't stop to think of you. We must have my fun

2017-04-08: Песня 404 - Время и Стекло

Ukranian pop duo. Fun club like stuff. Do your rolls and let's party.

Party like a Russian week

2017-04-07: Бьёт Бит - IOWA

Belorussian pop band. Fun video with some pretty good dancing

4.6 Intersquad playoff tuneup #2016021203: the Shimmy @ the Twist - they're out there having fun In the warm California sun

2017-04-06: Света и Олег - #дископровокация

Russian band. 80s thing. Video includes barbie like doll threesome.

Party like a Russian week

2017-04-05: ALTYN - TATARKA

Russian-Tatar trap. Tatarka(means tatar woman) lives in Russia, but raps in tatar.

Party like a Russian/Ukrainian Week

4.4 Limbo Season Game #2016021188: meh @ meh - Meh, we're going through the mehtions

2017-04-04: Якутяночка - L'ONE

Pop music as it comes, but with one huge but. The song is about Yakut people, who are kinda like Inuit people of Russia. When was the last time Americans celebrated some of the natives of their land in pop music?

Party like a Russian/Ukrainian Week

2017-04-03: Город под подошвой - Oxxxymiron

Russian rap. Started off spittin grime in London. Now one of the biggest rap stars we got. He's pretty damn good.

It's Party Like a Russian Week -- Russian/Ukrainian pop from Gatest Gamer!

2017-04-02: Give me your money - Little Big

Basically Russian Die Antwoord. Pretty crappy music, but fun video. Don't watch it around your boss or your kids. Or don't watch it at all, you won't miss much.

2017-04-01: Кольщик - Ленинград

Probably among the most popular Russian bands of the last 20 years. Leningrad started off as a ska-ish band with a shocking (for Russia at at that time) amount of profanity in lyrics, while singing about lower class Joe Shmoe problems (Yes I'm an alcoholic; I thought you were an angel, but you're just a bitch etc). Eventually that got old and the singer started hiring different women to take over and drive the music style. This is its current iteration with their latest video, which is hell of a masterpiece. The name of the band is Leningrad, I expect all of you know what it means. If you don't, just google it.

Music of the Eastern Bloc, from west to east, from the Gatest Gamer