Back for more punishment.

2016-04-30: When you wake up it's a new morning

I know some of you are going to complain about today's song choice but SUCK IT THIS SONG IS AWESOME and you're wrong.

2016-04-22 Overflow: The world isn't coming to an end

2016-04-22: Looking like a true survivor

While it would have been appropriate to post something from Prince today, a lot of his stuff isn't found (at least in high quality) on Youtube. I also thought this would be the right song after last night/early this morning.

SCPGDT 1.1: GarbageOrg @ actual garbage - Magic make no sound

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

SCPGDT 1.0: GarbageOrg @ actual garbage - Shoot speed kill light

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

I don't know if bbglorysask shows up, but anything negative that happens is undeniably the fault of his absenteeism. So we got that going for us...

2016-04-13: One More Once

Musical selection today is from Paul the Fossil: "One More Once" by Michel Camilo. PtF suggested it as the theme song for the "coming season." That was back when the regular season was still pretty fresh. Now it's time for the real season.