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2016-02-29: Everybody here is a friend of mine

This week's theme is Other Songs By One-Hit Wonders. Since some of these were actually (minor) hits themselves, "one-hit wonder" might be kind of a misnomer. Also, almost all of these songs are way better than the better-known big hit. This one, for instance, which is a Men Without Hats song that doesn't make me want to murder people. Enjoy.

2016-02-26 Overflow: Get funky

2016-02-26: 64% of Iowans surveyed want to be reincarnated as themselves

As fond as this place has seemed to become of heavy-handed political commentary, why not at least back it with some good ol' fashioned Canadian hardcore?


GDT: CHI @ Do the Sambo - Four years on you still look the same

Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

  1. Sid hit the audience members with his bass
  2. The audience member owned the provocation
  3. It goes completely different today

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-02-17: It will come back to you

It's your favorite foreign movie.

Welcome to the Terrordome: Leaves 2 @ Chi 7

With the DLR being completely sullied by association to Two Complainers, Inc., this is my first offering at the musical summation of a complete ass-whoopin' at the hands (and dicks) of the Hawks. If you were a boxer and you heard this in the early 90's, it meant you were about to get your ass handed to you by Tyson and you'd have to watch the replays in a couple of days to see it happening.

GDT: Leaves @ CHI - And they wonder why the Maples can't be happy in their shade

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-02-15: The world turns around

Neostats: G59 - Tue Feb 13, 2016 – ANA (3) - CHI (2) OT

2016-02-14: Never again I'll go sailing

To close out Oldies Week, Bobby Darin. What an excellent song this is.

GDT: Toughducks @ CHI: They hide their heads and tails and four little feet

inspiration: none
earmeat: bhh

2016-02-13: He's in the army now

It wasn't all that easy picking an Andrews Sisters song for Oldies Week, but this one seems to bring back the most memories for me, for some reason. I remember it playing at my grandparents' house.

Neostats: G58 - Tue Feb 11, 2016 – DAL (4) - CHI (2)

2016-02-12: Don't mess with Mister In-Between

I think the L.A. Confidential soundtrack might be what sold me on the Johnny Mercer recording.

2∙11 GDT - S[wee]t[he]ar[t]s @ CHI: Who cries for Colton, Madelyn & Sadie?

IiiIiIiiii DooOoooOoooOooo
inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-02-11: My mind's more at ease

I had a hard time deciding which recording of this song to post and boiled it down to this one or Nat King Cole. Anyway, this song is great.

2∙9 GDT - Sharts @ CHI: It's just a game in another plane


inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-02-09: In other words

Wikipedia tells me that this version was recorded in 1964, which will make it the most recent recording in Oldies Week (I think). However, the song (and, clearly, the style) predate the mid-60's by quite a bit, and it wouldn't be much of an Oldies Week without Sinatra.

2016-02-08: Moonlight Serenade

It's Oldies Week! And not the stuff the radio now calls "oldies," which I guess means anything 20 years old or more. I reject that definition because it makes me feel like a grandma. Instead, here's some stuff my actual grandma (or, in some cases, my parents as kids) might have listened to and that I really like. This could easily be an all Glenn Miller week (maybe I'll do that some other time). I could listen to him all day.

16∙2∙6 GDT - CHI @ star ponies: Where the longhorn cattle feed on the lowly gypsum weed

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-02-06: Glide like a 747

This year continues to be a bad one for aging musicians, as Maurice White, the founder of Earth, Wind, & Fire, died a few days ago.

16∙2∙4 GDT - CHI @ Homer's Soulmate Guide: Listen you will see that we are climbing

in your head translation:


inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-02-04: My eyes fill with sand

As I scan this wasted land

16∙2∙2 GDT - CHI @ bungo ponies: a girl or a husky at leather's end

hipster translation:crotch rock needs no translation

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-02-02: Three chord wonderland