Back for more punishment.

2018-01-31: I ain't holding on no more

Tell Her This - Del Amitri
Korab Week 2.5

2018-01-29: Revealed in its wildest, most generous incarnation

New York Dolls

Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano
Submitted by Korab22

2018-01-28: I heard a funny thing

Alone Again Or - The Damned

2018-01-27: Too much pressure

Too Much Pressure - The Selecter

2018-01-26: Set me on fire

Kerosene - Big Black

2018-01-21: We skirt around the danger zone and don't talk about it later

Interesting recording of this track. Recorded live in 1998, in a tent, at Glastonbury Her voice sounds great.

Marlene on The Wall - Suzanne Vega

GDT #201703718: A wandered man @ A shooting star - It will not warm thy heart at all

2018-01-20: Growin' old in a bar, ya grow old in a bar

Great version of this song. The chaos in this video is glorious!

Left of the Dial - Replacements

2018-01-19: I'm sick of myself when I look at you

Sick of Myself - Matthew Sweet

I don't know who submitted this (and the next two), but thanks!

2018-01-18: It was fun for a while

More Than This - Roxy Music

This has been korab22 Week-and-a-Half.

2018-01-17: There's cool and then there's Jeff Beck Cool

Cause We've Ended As Lovers - Jeff Beck

korab22 Week 1.5

2018-01-16: Sharks don't attack the Irish, it's mostly Australians

Sharks - Tragically Hip

korab22 Week 1.5

2018-01-15: In my nightmare everything's wrong

I Can't Wake Up - Richard Thompson

It's korab22 Week 1.5

2018-01-14: Save It For Later

Two dozen other stupid reasons why we should suffer for this

...and drawing the 1st korab22 Week to a close:

Extra Credit

Great choice. Seems like it could almost be a Pete song. (bhh)

2018-01-13: Who Needs To Dream?

I am determined not to fall, into that trap again.

korab22: More great power pop, this time from Bob Mould. The unhealthy relationship cycle.

2018-01-11: Alma Matters

It's my life to ruin my own way

korab22: "4:05 of perfect power pop"

Ah, Moz. Who'd have thought there'd be a day when the bleeding hearts would tear their papier-mâché (all pages from NME) statues of Suedehead down? (bhh)

GDT #201703661: The Mercenary @ Loggerheads - Run into the sun, kick your heels in the killing fields

2018-01-10: That's The Way That it Shows

It's the little things that betray. A slip of the tongue, a squeeze of the hand, that's the way that it shows.

korab22: "Beauty from Richard Thompson about vulnerability in relationships. Lyrics are great, but the guitar work is beautifully tortured."

PGDT #201703655: BTDPC!!!

GDT #201703655: a great surprise @ the bridge to burn - It was January 1963

2018-01-09: Passion is no ordinary word

 Passion is no ordinary word, ain't manufactured or just another sound that you hear at night

korab22 Week continues...

2018-01-08: Wish you were here

korab22 Week Begins...

...with a tribute to the Great Ghoosa. To quote korab22, "Marian Hossa....Fuck"

GDT #201703645: The meeker sleeker @ Fingers in a glove - But if you blink you'll miss the fun

2018-01-07: Rake

Even the moonlight is blinding.

This has been donkey brains' Townes Van Zandt week

2018-01-06: Marie

I was staying at the mission til I met Marie, now I can't stay there no more.

2018-01-04: Rex's Blues

Legs to walk and thoughts to fly, eyes to laugh and lips to cry, a restless tongue to classify, all born to grow and grown to die.

2018-01-02: If I Needed You

"Loop and Lil are parakeets."

2018-01-01: Pancho & Lefty

"I wrote this about two Mexican bandits that I saw on the TV two weeks after I wrote the song."

This week's theme is Phil loves TVZ, brought to you by patient34 (donkey brains). The 21st anniversary of Townes Van Zandt's death is January 1.