Back for more punishment.

1.31 Silly Season Game #2016021152: bridge-burning mirror smashers @ Katy Perry's Left Shark - Hear the cavemen singing, good news they're bringing.

2017-01-31: Shiny Shiny

Yeah, I don't know.

1.26 Silly Season Game #737: the man @ the feeling - We used to stand around on corners saying 'well here we are again'

2017-01-26: Your head will collapse

1.24 Silly Season Game #722: electronic performers @ magnetic waves - I want to patch my soul on your brain

2017-01-24: A cool stroker

1.22 Silly Season Game #706: Bubble Chuckles @ Closed Door Meetings - So going out is your best bet, then bingo yourself to sleep. Oh the Sunday sleep.

2017-01-22: Sausalito Summernight

Actually I'm pretty sure the reason I remember this song is that it's awesome. I had no idea until very recently that Diesel was Dutch.

2017-01-21: Gold

I don't really know why I remember this song, Gold, by John Stewart (formerly of the Kingston Trio), except that I partially like it but partially am really annoyed by it. The Stevie Nicks background vocals probably contribute to both.

1.20 Silly Season Game #685: Empty Stadium Scrubs @ Chiarelli's Stolen Destiny - But two o'clock has come again It's time to leave this paradise

2017-01-20: The Battle

This is Blood, Sweat & Tears with The Battle, and I actually know exactly why I remember this song. It was the B side some record that was among a stack of discarded 45's my dad brought home one day, and the line "Here I am standing naked laughing madly at the sun" made it completely irresistable to my sister and I as little kids.

2017-01-19: Ride Captain Ride

Today in "I don't know why I remember this song," it's Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image. This was a fairly big hit, but just a bit before my time, so I don't know why (1) I feel like I heard it a lot at some point (it's not the type of thing my parents would have listened to), or (2) to this day it gets stuck in my head completely at random.

2017-01-18: Whirly Girl

Whirly Girl by OXO (neither the bouillon cubes nor the "Good Grips" utensils). I mostly remember the "Solid Gold" performance of this song. For whatever reason.

1.17 Silly Season Game #668: One minute born @ one minute doomed - Be good, do what you should, you know it will be alright

2017-01-17: You Don't Want Me Anymore

"I don't know why I remember this song" week continues with You Don't Want Me Anymore by Steel Breeze... Whose lead singer looks looks like he might be the result of a terrible Bill Pullman/Jason Segel/time machine accident.

2016-01-16: Living in a box

It's "I Don't Know Why I Remember This Song" Week, and first up is the song Living in a Box, from the album Living in a Box, by the band Living in a Box.

1.15 Silly Season Game #653: Flavor of the Month @ the Annual January Doldrums of January Every Year - How do you keep your wheels spinning when the beaver's grinning, eh?

2017-01-15: This is a chemist's not a joker's shop

1.13 Silly Season Game #634: The Outmatched @ 0-41 - shooting those Washington Bullets again

2017-01-13: You can say what you want and somebody listen

You can tell the shit from the essence of heaven

1.10 Silly Season Game #43–38: Poisoned Walter @ All Stars Selected and Snubbed - isn't it a shame the way our little world has changed?

2017-01-10: I've got to go home

1.8 Silly Season Game #Babaji: A couple shopping on the street of Shinjuku @ Madtigerhouse on Madison - Children Running away, adult paying money, us laughing watching this

This is my favorite GDT inspiration song of the season.

2017-01-08: Diddy Doo Wop

Here's the song that put the "Mostly" in this week's theme, Mostly Doo-Wop. This odd little song was the last track on Hall & Oates' 1980 album Voices.

2017-01-07: In the Still of the Night

Fred Parris wrote this song and recorded it with his group, The Five Satins, in 1956. This song may have been the source of the term "Doo-Wop" (they sing it during the sax solo). There are versions on YouTube with better audio quality, but I like watching the performance.

1.6 Silly Season Game #527: A little sick wind @ a gathering storm: Slipping stitches leading to so slight a hole

2017-01-06: Only You

In 1955, Only You was a pop and R&B hit for The Platters, who helped usher in the Rock & Roll era.

1.5 Silly Season Game 40: Hypnoslugs @ Q's D-pairing funhouse and freakshow - But what's one submission amongst friends?

2017-01-05: Silhouettes

Silhouettes would be recorded by bigger names like the Four Seasons and Cliff Richard, but The Rays were the first (and best) in 1957.

2017-01-04: Blue Moon

Rodgers & Hart wrote this song in 1934, and it's been recorded a bunch of times, but the Marcels' version may be the most famous one. It's certainly my favorite.

2017-01-03: Who Put the Bomp

Barry Mann asks a crucial question. Also asked by the UK group The Viscounts, which is a very UK group sounding name.

2017-01-02: Come Go With Me

New year, new theme week. This week, it's (mostly) doo-wop because I love doo-wop. Today it's the Del-Vikings.