Back for more punishment.

2016-05-28/29: Feeling of Falling

Paul the Fossil Week wraps up with Bonnie Raitt and "Feeling of Falling." FFF agrees with PtF when he says, "You youngsters will understand one day."

2016-05-27: 74 Years Young

According to PtF, "Q's theme song a few more Cups from now."

2016-05-26: Big Boned Gal

Today's PtF selection features k.d. lang and a fiddle. Says PTF, "I know Seabs is actually from BC not Alberta, but it still works."

2016-05-25: The Dream

Day 3 of PtF Week brings us some Albert Collins, Robert Cray, and Johnny Copeland. You like guitar? Here's some guitar.

2016-05-24: Draggin' the River

PtF Week continues with Buddy Miller and with what PtF suggests Blues fans must feel like when they see the captain they could have had.

2016-05-23: Got a Bad Feeling (Gonna Be a Good Night)

It's Paul the Fossil Week!

I've been pretty bad about working my way through the list of song suggestions PtF has sent me, so this week I'm going to at least improve (if not altogether remedy) the situation. First up is Curtis Salgado.

2015-05-18: Wrong part of the yard

I really like these guys. Movits! from Sweden.

2016-05-14/15: Big wheels keep on turning

There's pretty much nothing about this song I should like, and yet I find it terribly catchy.

2016-05-09: Lochs of Dread

An Official PtF Musical Selection

2016-05-06: Tired of ordinary television?

This isn't technically a theme song I guess, but you try coming up with these things every day. Anyway, this opening is the one I remember most for whatever reason.

2016-05-04: Shadowy

Okay, after yesterday I realized that I'd inadvertently set up Canadian TV Shows Theme Week (anyone else remember The Vacant Lot?) but now that I'm three days in I'm not sure that I'll be able to stretch it to a full week. In fact, I'll be lucky to get further than tomorrow. Sorry Canada. Sorry, I meant "sore-ry."