Back for more punishment. the Fucking Stanley Cup Finals

2015●05●30: Grundle Duck Butter. Blackhawks vs The Dirty Mallard. GO HAWKS!!!

The Minutiae & Mundane

Live or die weekend

I know it’s not L.A., but SoCal is SoCal, right?

2015-05-29: It’ll soon be here

It’ll be here, better than before.

2015-05-28: Praise for the singing, praise for the morning

It’s a brand new day, mothfuckers!

5/30 Not with a whimper

2015●05●27: If God Had Wanted Us To Fly He Wouldn’t Have Taken Away Our Wings: Where Are My Pants? Blackhawks vs Malicious Mallard Mothfuckers. GO HAWKS!!!

The Minutiae & Mundane

2015-05-27: Fighting our way back

Busting out and going in!

Whatever. On to Games 6 & 7.

2015●05●25: Coach Q’s Quack of Dawn Wisequacker Firequacker Fowl Weather Forecast: PAIN. Blackhawks vs Quackhead Quackfuck Quack Quack Quacks. QUACK! GO HAWKS!!!

The Minutiae & Mundane

2015-05-25: Do you believe

It’s magic if the music is groovy.

These OT games are killing me

2015●05●23: Confucius Say: “Man Who Stand On Hill With Mouth Open Will Wait Long Time For Roast Duck to Drop In”. Blackhawks vs Anal Anatidae. GO HAWKS!!!

The Minutiae & Mundane

Pre-Game 4: Bring on Kucera

If you haven’t read Mike Rupp’s Piece
it’s pretty accurate. Hawks need to focus on moving their sizeable opponent around. That’s an easy thing to say, but how does that even play out?

2015-05-22: I am wrong

Look at me I’m Coach Q, dur dur durrrr I like going for rides hurr durrrr!!

Or whatever.

Ich bin wütend

Until Saturday…


The Minutiae & Mundane

2015.05.21 - Game 3 Incoming

2015-05-20: The smiles returning to the faces

It feels like years since last night’s game started.

It’s Over. In a good Way. Fuck Anaheim.

2015●05●19: The Ducks Are What We Thought They Were. We Played ‘em in the WCF—Who the Hell Takes a First Game of the WCF Like it’s Bullshit? Bullshit! Now if You Want to Crown 'em, Then Crown They Ass! But They Are Who We Thought They Were! And We Let 'em Off the Hook! Blackhawks vs Lame Duck Administration. GO HAWKS!!!

The Minutiae & Mundane

2015-05-19: Time to steal one

2015-05-18: Electricity

The ultimate discovery.

Dude, nothing is fucked here.  These guys are fucking amateurs.

2015●05●17: It’s Not Nice to Fool With the Dark Overlords: Where Are My Pants? Blackhawks vs Seeing Eye Ducks. GO HAWKS!!!

The Minutiae & Mundane

05.17.15 - And so it begins...

Pretty sure everything that can be said about the game has already been said. Feel free, however, to freshen up the links. I’ve set it so that links submitted over 24 hours ago turn grey. Lots o’ grey in there. Anyway, Nick Cave is as good as anyone to start off the show.

One other thing: Let’s Go Hawks!


This is the post we have for anything happening today (go usa). For tomorrow, well

05.15.2015 Quizonic Dragon Slain

I’m pretty sure I’ve successfully replaced the chat box with a RYO links lister. The Wurst Box displays the 17 most recent links with the newest links at the top. The list will have our NHL SC Playoffs bracket at the top until the Cup is awarded and either CrazeeEddie or Chidiver gloats sufficiently. I’m leaving the form open for now so everyone should be able to submit links as they wish. If it gets spammed, I’ll remove the link and mail it to whoever desires it.



Caps fans are going to need some comfort:

2015-05-12: Sitting around

At least there’s one game on tonight.  Unfortunately, it features the Lightning.

The perils of duck hunting are great - especially for the duck - Walter Cronkite

Still a few days to go before We Fight, and Bite
We Fight and Fight and Bite Fight, Fight, Fight, Bite, Bite, Bite the Blackhawks and Dumb Ducks Show

 photo Trips_zpsd8rygcsm.png

Weekend Wheel Watching

Time to do some spectating!

150505: Happy Cinco De Mayo

In honor of that which does not exist:

Now bring on the effing game already. Cheesewhiz Crackers.

20150504 - Return of the Links

For the first time in a while, there’s really nothing to complain about. But I’m sure some will find it easy to point out that something to everything is wrong.