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Discussion Part II: More thoughts than braincells

2016-03-30: Best thing that ever happened to me

A Paul the Fossil Music Selection today. Intsead of waiting until Paul's suggested dedication, "For Bullitt -- keep looking buddy," is appropriate, I figure any time is a good time to enjoy some good blues.

GDT: CHI @ The Curly Shuffle - Eat your heart out, Michael Jackson

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-03-27: Whiter Shade of Pale

To close out Classical Music in Popular Songs, here's Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale and a bunch of Bach. (Lots of Bach this week, which of course is no accident.) If you believe what Wikipedia says, this song may be based on Bach's Air on the G String, which is the name of an arrangement of the second movement of BWV 1068, the third Orchestral Suite (D Major). The little video on the left is Reinhard Goebel conducting Musica Antiqua Köln. Skip to about 10:24 if you just want to hear the second movement. Or it may be based on the Sinfonia from the cantata Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe, BWV 156 -- which uses the same theme as the second movement of the Harpsichord Concerto in F Minor, BWV 1056. Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert perform the concerto in the little video on the right. The second movement starts at about 3:04. (Or, if you'd rather, click here for the cantata Sinfonia.)

GDT: CHI @ CAL - All this shuckin' and jivin' keeps puttin' me down

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-03-26: It's a Hard Life

It's day 6 of Classical Music in Popular Songs Week, and here's Queen's It's a Hard Life, based on Vesti La Giubba from Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci" (here sung by Pavarotti). Because of course Freddie Mercury covered a song from an opera about clowns.

2016-03-25: Exit Music (For a Film)

Today's Classical Music in Popular Songs pick is Radio Head's Exit Music (For a Film), which is based on Chopin's Prelude No. 4, Op. 28 in E minor (played by Arthur Rubinstein).

2016-03-24: A Lover's Concerto

Today on Classical Music in Popular Songs, it's A Lover's Concerto from The Toys. Anyone who took piano or violin lessons as a kid (or whose kids have) probably recognizes this tune, Bach's Minuet in G Major from the Anna Magdalena Notebook (BWV Anh. 114) (but possibly Christian Petzold and not Bach). Ton Koopman plays an elegant version of it on a gorgeous-looking harpsichord.

2016-03-23: Russians

Classical Music in Popular Songs Day 3: Russians by Sting. The instrumental part uses the "Romance" from Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije Suite (which starts at about 4:11 in the second video).

2016-03-22 Postgame gnashing of teeth

GDT: Starfuckers @ CHI - Power is measured by the pound or the fist

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-03-22: Lady Lynda

For day 2 of Classical Music in Popular Songs Week, it's the Beach Boys' Lady Lynda based on Bach's very familiar Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring... which, in turn, was the name of a famous piano transcription of the final Chorale (Jesus bleibet meine Freunde) from cantata BWV 147, Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben. (This performance is Ton Koopman conducting what I think must be the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir.)

2016-03-21: Bela Does Bach

Another Official Paul the Fossil Musical Selection

Neostats: G68 - Wed Mar 9, 2016 – CHI (2) - STL (3) SO

2016-03-10: I know I could always be good

While looking for the "Stardust" version of this on YouTube, I discovered that Willie Nelson recently recorded an album of Gershin songs called Summertime. So I guess I'll be buying that soon.

GDT: CHI @ New World Desolation - Next thought murderlation

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-03-09: Don't want to be a sucker like all the rest

I've used this song before, but it seems appropriate for tonight's game.
(Also I love this song.)

2016-03-07: Looking out for love

Lindsey Buckingham + guitar = insanity

Neostats: G67 - Sun Mar 6, 2016 – DET (1) - CHI (4)

GDT: a brain like bubblegum @ CHI - Bang my drum and paint my face

inspiration: none
earmeat: none

2016-03-06: Isn't it nice, sugar and spice

Ushering out Other Songs By One Hit Wonders Week with some decadent 80's sleaze (probably the best kind of sleaze).

2016-03-05: Messages from outer space

Lots to choose from among Thomas Dolby songs, but this one actually charted (barely) in the U.S.

2016-03-04 v2: The politics of feeling good

Neostats: G66 - Thu Mar 3, 2016 – CHI (2) - BOS (4)

2016-03-04: Give all your love to me

A number (maybe all) of the bands featured on Other Songs By One Hit Wonders Week actually had multiple hits in their native countries, but I care not for your technicalities or your other countries. They had one YUUUUGE hit in the U.S. and that's what counts. (Well, Bow Wow Wow's hit might not have actually been yuuuge. WHATEVER.) Here are some Norwegians.

GDT: CHI @ the ashamed - I'll take you all over, kid

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

Neostats: G65 - Wed Mar 2, 2016 – CHI (5) - DET (2)

2016-03-03: The alarm is red

Hey, remember Falco? I'm not counting "Der Komissar" this week because the English version that was popular in the U.S. was recorded by After the Fire. (Apparently the original German version was much more popular in Canada in the U.S.) Anyway, here's his other U.S. hit.

Postgame: CHI @ Excess Enemy - Behold the sparkle of champagne

GDT : CHI @ Excess Enemy - Behold the sparkle of champagne

inspiration: none
earmeat: zamm

2016-03-02: I'm so ready to go

Yes, Bow Wow Wow had more than one song. I was surprised when I learned that, too. The audio on this isn't the best, but I thought some of you guys of my generation might appreciate an Annabella Lwin flashback.

Neostats: 64 Games

2016-03-01: You made me smile

Day Two of Other Songs By One-Hit Wonders Week features A Flock of Seagulls. "Space Age Love Song" is so much better than "I Ran," it's not even funny.