Back for more punishment.

2015-07-29: Allez hop!

You are the king of the divan!

2015-07-28: Gonna take you round the world

The sight of blood is such a high

2015-07-25/26: A growing feeling of hysteria

I figured I’d end Bitchin’ 80s Political Commentary Week with a cudgel. No hoity toity poetic metaphor here, bitches!

2015-07-24: Wanna join a chorus of the American blues?

Okay, this is probably more “social” than “political.” Let’s go with sociopolitical. Or whatever. It’s the Clash so I’ll play it anyway.

2015-07-23: Brothers, sisters

Shake that fascist groove thang

2015-07-21: The boys are cockin’ up their guns

Bitchin’ 80s political commentary week presents a Men at Work song that isn’t that one song, or even that one other song!

And you’ll never make it up or turn back the clock

More daily wursts for your festering mind gobs. Or not. Not much happening really.

2015-07-15: Oduya Decision Day (maybe)

2015-07-11: We’ll always love you

So goodbye, please don’t cry.

2015-07-10: Bangkok sort of has cock in it

I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

2015-07-09: Flock rhymes with cock

And at least it’s not “I Ran”

2015-07-08: Is that the way it will always be?

They don’t have “cock” on their name, but it’s close

2015-07-03: Summertime

Well your GM’s rich and your coach is good lookin’

I was never one to wanna be lost in space

Here’s a links post refresher for your kvetching needs

Also, If I ever go to Burning Man, I think I just found my costume:

See me lost inside You will see me lost, how high

2015-07-01: A message to you, Jeremy

Or get waived or traded, whichever
(Now I wish I hadn’t used A Message To You, Rudy so recently)