Back for more punishment.

2021 - His timeline turned black. Would he ever come back?

Chronological doesn't exist in this list.

20210321 - I'll come back though threw a sonar

I agree with laarms. The INXS retrospectacle wasn't working. I blame the last song posted for all the losses. So here's to a new retrospicable: The Police, but not the hits. Most of the songs in this one will not have been listened to by me in decades and yet I will still know them by heart.

20210320 GDT - (Hawks will need to be) Playing Like Thieves

This one's pretty much a cross between Lost Boys and Beyond Thunderdome. Speaking of Thunderdome, it looks this season is going to resolve as a sort of Thunderdome Passion Play. Will The Hawks be Max, Master or Blaster? Lately they've been Blaster with the torturous whistles rendering them inert. 1-6 over the last 7. And while JfC deserves the credit putting in a system keeping them competitive over the fellow pig shit denizens, the number of blown multi goal leads isn't an effort problem, it's a Master problem. TBL dosn't really need to out think the Hawks, but it looked pretty clear against FLA which moustache was running Bartertown. Meanwhile, JfC seems to love that Springsteen cover of INXS as much as laaarmer. Man, opinions are easy.

20210319 - Tilt my hat at the sun

Last one from The Swing, though I could put pretty much any of the other songs here as well. Mike's lyrics get a little soft here, though. Still, good album and amazing what a little money will do to improve one's sound.

20210318 GDT - Enough is enough anyway

Normally I wouldn't include this song, but it has such good pop sensibilities. Lots of space (too much drum) & I've been humming it to myself sense laaarms suggested the topic.

20210317 St. Patrick's Day - From a small aeroplane you can see the fields

This one's always been my favorite INXS song.

20210316 - So look behind you when the race has run And the winner is named

I could have pretty much put the whole album. I mean, no one's listening to these selections besides me and laaarmer. I like the production of this one. Just more guitars as it goes.

20210315 GDT - Beware the INXS of March

There's going to be a lot from this album because, well, it's probably their best.

20210314 - wake up to a brand new day to find your dreams are washed away

In excess appreciation timeframe continues... If you could just kick start every drummer....

20210312 - Who stares out of the blinds with their lips?

Pretty sure this was filmed with a potato

20210311 GDT - Mullets, Oysters & Fishnet. Shrimp & White Wine.

Like most sax players, he just needs to get a room. "You know what'd be great? An orgy with food." "Can the food just be bread?" "What kind of bread, the tear-away kind?" "Yes...if we can put a sexy cat in the middle of it all." and scene

20210310 New Wave and convention draping (why do you hate the camera?)

I barely remember this one, for obvious reasons.