Back for more punishment.

20200430 Sick of Quarantine? Soak up some sun

How long are we going with Sheryl Crow? Ask laaaaaaarmer

20200428 Steve McQueen

Get it done Sheryl

20200427 Leaving Las Vegas

Not sure if we have ever had a Sheryl Crow day. Let's ease in to it by having her sing with others.

20200421 Me and Bobby McGee

What a life Kris lived, eh?

20200413 Lonely People

Skip about 40 seconds to get to the song.

20200410 Right Place, Wrong Time

Fun fact. 28 years ago today (no, not the song).

20200407 Pop Goes The World

Enjoy your day everybody.

20200401 1/2 hour of your life

Sopel published the text yesterday. Here is the interview