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Crossing Streams, 'Droid Arrivin', Windows Stylin'

Some folk'll have problems watching games online due to so many different platforms, connection types, physical locations, etc. just doesn't work in every situation and especially bad if one happens to be fans of the best team in the league as so many games are nationally televised. If you have found workarounds, we can post them here. While some of these methods may work without subscriptions or accounts, it's a good idea to have a paid account anyway as these methods may quit working at anytime and 1988 is locked in for $21M per season until you die.

LazyMan  - Win/Mac/Linux

Lazyman was the best choice before NHLGames, but was leapfrogged with NHLGames' better UI. As of 11/19/16, LM has solved the server connection issues and is live. Go to this Reddit thread and do what it says. Also, bookmark it so you can get updates.

NHLGames - Windows Game Streams (Win)

Currently down, NHLGames is likely going to be live again pretty quickly. Go to this Reddit thread and do what it says. Also, bookmark it so you can get updates.

Game Center Live Adfreetime Blackout Companion

Since you already subscribe to, the Adfreetime app will negate any region restrictions you might have for a low price of $2 a month. Get Adfreetime here.

Android (Caststreams app)

By far, the easiest, most carefree regular TV viewing experience is this CastStreams App, either directly on your phone or connected to Google Chromecast on your HDMI-capable viewing platform. Additionally, this app supposedly works in Chrome as an extension. Expect an update here if it ever does.


Caststreams (Droid, Win, OSX)

Caststreams originally was an android app that pointed to the neulion stream NHL provided each game. Then it went away with the launch of NHLtv. Now it's back and easier than ever. Simply go to to the caststreams website and pick a game. They don't have the archive running as of 3/3/16, nor do they have multiple streams from which to choose. But the games have been pretty reliable to date. And, if you're a MLB fan, their current effort will probably work when that kicks in, too.

Kodi with Pro Sports Add-on (multi-platform)

On of the newer workarounds involves the Kodi open source media software with the Pro Sports Add-on. Kodi acts as a a local/network/internet media player with additional functional provided by 3rd party developers. The Pro Sports add-on scans pre-specified Reddit threads and links to media content it finds (they call it scraping). The youtube streams currently playing Hawks games are displayed, for example, as well as other Hawks streams. It's very much like Plex and works on pretty much any platform. And I'm pretty certain integrates with it as well.

Install Kodi 
  1. download and install Kodi for your desired OS
  2. choose option to run Kodi after installation is complete
Install fusion add-on
  • from Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source
  • select [None] and type the following: ""
  • select [Done]
  • highlight the box underneath "Enter a name for this media Source"
  • type "fusion"
  • select [OK]
  • go back to home screen

Install the VinMan java files
  • select SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from zip file > fusion > xbmc-repos > English >
  • wait for Add-on enabled notification (I didn't see this but it apparently happened)
  • select "Install from repository"
  • navigate to "podgod repo > Video Add-Ons > Pro Sport > Install"
  • wait for Add-on enabled notification (I did see this)
You may need to install other add-ons as you choose media. I had to install Youtube add-on to watch the normal Youtube Hawks stream