Back for more punishment.

2015●05●05: You’re Just a Little Piece of Competition: Bastard From a Basket. Bastard From a Basket! You’re a Bastard From a Basket! Blackhawks vs. Yeo-Stained Wretches. GO HAWKS!!!The Minutiae & MundaneTime: 7:00 PMTV: CBC, TVA, NBCSNRadio: WGN 720 Amplitude ModulationBH Buzz-zzzzzzzzz!The Press Kit: So many pages…Q SauceYeogurtNorthern pike and walleyesPotent PotablesStuff’s going to happen tonightBesides being dreamy and stuffAs long as there’s no Nicholas CageShifty (warning: autoplay)Oh the cruel irony!Never disagree with the family (warning: autoplay)Bananaphone! (video)The poor Flams

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