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2017-08-28: Long afloat on shipless oceans

This is the final week of Twin Peaks: The Return. Music has played as much a part as anything in creating the TP aesthetic, so here's a week of musical standouts. The first one, however, was not used in Twin peaks, nor any other Lynch production. It was, however, planned for Blue Velvet but was not able to clear right$ for the film, so Lynch worked with soon-to-be Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti and singer (& frequent Peaks musical act) Julee Cruise to create a knock-off of sorts called "Mysteries of Love", which was ok, but certainly nowhere close to this track. Written by Tim Buckley and performed on The Monkees, This Mortal Coil slated this number for their 4AD house bands compilation and essentially turned it over to The Cocteau Twins. In any case, it's pretty easy to see this song reverberates through most of Lynch's works.

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