Back for more punishment.

20180104 Content Alert - from VDM "Colliton showing he still has a ways to go before he matches up with the big boys like Trotz."

Gustav Forsling cannot keep playing the way he is.
Gus had a terrible game even though he got an assist on Kane's flubbed shot goal.
Barzal is one of the best players I have seen in a while.  The only forward that kept up defending him was Toews and one time (from memory) Kane.  Strome tried, and contained him sometimes.
The 4th line is not good.
Delia is good.  If and when he improves on the rebound control, he will be legit (he already may be)

The PK......they have the low slot covered with two guys and they just let guys walk to the net.  Seabrook did it at least twice.  First time, It's on him (I think).  Second time, I think it was Forsling that didn't challenge and Seabrook realized it but it was too late (Delia with the save).  I get that the goalie takes the shooter, but guys can't just walk to the net.

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