Back for more punishment.

16∙1∙3 GDT: 2015 The Best Defensive Player is a Good Offense @ 2014 The Best Defensive Player is also Good at Defense

the beginning is the middle is the end:

Feels pretty, pretty, pretty, preeeetyyyy, pretty good to get through the mad season and looking towards the All-Star break/final playoff push in decent shape. I hope all the extraneous baggage is dropped and everyone kind of gets on with things. Maybe that's part of the reason behind the Kane 26-game point streak acknowledgement.

On the comma-inducing front, it looks to me that Q is in his mad-scientist phase trying to get a defense that can run his system dependably, and I highly suspect Stan will pull in a capable blueline free agent in the next two months. Even if Gusto works out, his inexperience, coupled with TVR's inexperience, just isn't a situation I see Q being happy with. We'll see more of that working out tonight.


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