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I know. We don't do content. But, buoyed by a particularly dumb comment at Ponies 'ᴙ' Us®, I wanted to check where Q was on the Mediocre Coaches Charts. And because there have been changes to number of teams, number of playoff games, how points are calculated, etc., I didn't want to do a straight number of points or number of wins rank. For this go around, I chose points per game coached within each regular season and then ranked each coach within that season. Due to personnel changes, each season since Q has been coach has 32 or more coaches.

And then I averaged the rankings so that each coach is ranked based on how all his peers do per season. If a guy coached 10 games in a season, he was ranked first in that season. If that's all he ever coached, he'd end up being the best coach in the ranks. I suppose I could go back through and reweigh partial seasons at another date. The coaches presented all have enough seasons under their belts to smooth out unusual starts or finishes. I skipped some of the younger coaches past Babcock who've only had a few seasons.

Average Rank of Active Coaches - Career
3.2Bruce Boudreau
7.7Dan Bylsma
9.0Ken Hitchcock
9.1Joel Quenneville
10.2Darryl Sutter
10.7Mike Babcock
11.4Todd McLellan
11.9Alain Vigneault
12.2Claude Julien
15.4Lindy Ruff
Bacock's actually #3 if you remove this season's current 32nd place. But he made his bed...

While that's a decent metric, I still see some distortion, of course. Also the initial charge of his being a barely above-median coach not being addressed. Yeah, he's rocking a 4th/5th best average rank, but he's had the most cup winning teams skewing his results, right?

The next rank I wanted to see was seasons above median. In a league where 16 of 30 teams make the playoffs, being above average to any extent should put one in the playoffs, but doesn't always due to the divisional and conference rules. I counted every season where the coach's team finished above median in points as a success and then determined the percentage of successful seasons by coach.

Active Coach Seasons Above Median Standings Points (really Rank, but same thing)
Joel Quenneville18100.00%
Bruce Boudreau9100.00%
Ken Hitchcock1788.24%
Dan Bylsma785.71%
Mike Babcock1384.62%
Claude Julien1376.92%
Todd McLellan875.00%
Alain Vigneault1471.43%
Darryl Sutter1369.23%
Lindy Ruff1844.44%

That's it for now, though maybe I'll do more. Hopefully everyone get's to enjoy the game. Let's go, Hawks!