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20190717 no song......a little content for the middle day.

It's the middle of summer. Our Hawks have made a few moves this off season and look to be an improved team from the one that Quenneville had to start with last season. An interesting question is how good would this team be with Q behind the bench? Not happening though, so, Colliton gets his shot at a full season. After a horrible start last season, he righted the ship and had his team contending for a while. Colliton will have what looks to be an improved crew of defenseman, especially after De Haan is ready (if he is in fact not ready to start the season). They did not have a problem scoring last season and likely won't this season either. The addition of Shaw and Carpenter kind of address the defending, but not because of Shaw. I don't remember Shaw as a defensive minded player, but he should help the overall team and hopefully with the same impact he had previously.

What are the forward lines going to look like? In no particular order, except the obvious order Kane Toews Alex Strome Artem (he gone now 7/16) "Power forward" ZACK SMITH (a new era had dawned) Shaw Saad Drake Ryan Kampf Nylander Perlini(?) Kubalik Kurashev Dach Sikura 4TAN Ejdsell Quenneville - NEW unknown GUY via trade or signing.


D look fairly obvious especially when De Haan is ready, unless one of the younger dudes has himself a camp. There could also be a massive trade, which I hope does not happen, or a signing of that Toronto cast off. Franson anyone?. Dahlstrom and Slater (if still around) should fill the gaps until Calvin plays. Goalies should be much improved even if there is an injury. It's a circle rosterbation.

Neo was by yesterday. Why?

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