Back for more punishment.

20190917 My Best Friends Girl

10 Bullets
  • Boqvist and Nylander looked very good for the new guys 
  • Gus looked to be going about 3/4 speed, which is fine. He looked good anyway. 
  • Dahls has looked better 
  • Versteeg did not convert on a breakaway. I wish he would make the NHL team, but other guys yesterday were better 
  • Highmore (Bolland) is a good player. 4th liner on CHI though.
  • Carpenter missed in OT, but he was OK/Not bad 
  • I don't like Sikura on the team. I hope he does well, but I don't see it 
  • Saarela is a good player too 
  • BO Dan and Gilbert probably don't make it at first, but BO looks like he might be a keeper  
  • Perlini looked just like he did last year, which is not necessarily bad

On to DET!

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