Back for more punishment.

20200204 You buy you me, I buy me you TfGD

In the long ago, this band occupied a good amount of my music-listening bandwidth. First heard of them when they released the album previous to this one (Working with Fire & Steel). WWF&S was very synth poppy as was the style of the time. When this album was released I was pretty excited to hear how much their synth tech-ery had improved. If only. This is  first track.

I've never been a fan of Steely Dan, but I could stomach them and even liked a few of their biggest numbers. My immediate thought was that this was some weird tribute to Steely Dan. Sure, fine, I could live with it. Then I read the liner notes to find Walter Becker not only produced the album, but also played so much on it that he was attributed as a member of the band. There are times on this album where the song--except for the singing--might just as well be released as Steely Dan. See if you don't agree.

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