Back for more punishment.

2015●03●30: Dactylic Hexameter of the Damned: Tarnish of The Silver Age. Blackhawks vs Bleeding Black. GO HAWKS!!The Minutiae & MundaneTime: 7:30 PMTV: CSN-CH, NBCSNRadio: WGN 720 Amplitude ModulationBH Buzz-zzzzzzzzz!The Press Kit: So many pages…Optional morning skate so no post-practice video. Here’s Toews’s game-winner from last nightSourpuss talks about Carter’s “package” among other thingsHeh heh “jewels”Potent PotablesABroad’s back! Other things happened elsewhere!Today’s playoffs pictureBut they’re old and slow!Next time move the phone a little farther away (video)Please don’t mention “the Kings’ D” again (warning: autoplay)Powder wants to playMassive Forehead Dented

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