Back for more punishment.

2015-11-16: MMW - Le serpent chaloupe et console

Aside from the initial intro year or two of MTV, I wasn't much into their standard offering. I did look forward to the 120 minutes of music videos on Sunday nights, as well as The Young Ones episode that preceded it. Otherwise, I wasn't a big fan of music television. And then I went to college...

...where my older brother had already established a group of friends, many of whom were from Canada. They, of course, became my friends. I'm the little brother (well, younger anyway) and second-hand everything is my birthright. After every break between semesters or between holidays, or actual holidays or when Mulroney conscripted all able-bodied young men for the annual bacon harvests, one of my friends would bring back hours and hours of MuchMusic for us. I was stunned that good music with generally interesting videos was actually played on a main music television channel.

Some of the songs and bands were already known to me, but many were new and I had certainly not been privy to the videos for most of them. I was so young then, so dumb and soon to be full of comeuppance for stupid ideals, I briefly considered moving to Canada just for the music television.

We all know how the story goes: I didn't move to Canada. Instead, I picked videos I seem to remember first seeing in those MuchMusic recordings and have posted them as offerings for this week's series of discussion threads. Just like the Grimm Brothers tale said I would.

TRIGGER WARNING: Objects in mirror are not really in mirror. Look out!

I'll probably end up including some songs I didn't actually see on MM, but I'm starting off with one that I absolutely know I did. It was the first video I saw and pretty much hooked me from the start. I am sad to note that the guitarist died many years ago (so it goes), so he will not see us stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow. But the video is still pretty entertaining and I imagine it was well-regarded in French Canadia. Some of you may remember me posting this before and if you do, it's because you're a fritzl-admiring fudge professor.