Back for more punishment.

Neostats: Fri Nov 6, 2015 -FINAL CHI (2) - NJD (4)

Fri Nov 6, 2015 -FINAL CHI (2) - NJD (4)

[Left is the “per game” data.  Right side compares that to last season]

[Tracking per period average per game. Right side compares that to the season average]

[Goals and Expected Goals on average per game]

[Ratio of Home Plate Shots to Total Shots.  Goal Ratio is average Expected Goals per game differential]

[Goalie Actual vs Expected Save differential.  Same with Shooting Percentages and Expected PDO]
When Crow was in
When Darling was in

[What type of play generates a Home Plate Shot:  5o5, Off the Rush, Secondary Rush, After Shots or Turnovers, from Faceoffs]

[Results when individual player is on the ice.  These are per game stats]

[I give out 1 point for the player I think is most responsible for breaking down the defense to allow a shot.  “For” are shots created for the Hawks.  “Against” are defensive breakdowns.  1st table is a simple count]
[2nd table assigns values for Primary and Secondary Zone Shots creating an Expected Goal difference from that individual player]
[Note:  I am not tracking individual play from shots from the outside.]