Back for more punishment.

2015∙11∙27 CHI@ANA GDT: The Hangover, Part 2: Did Caesar Live Here? Blackhawks vs Old Bastard Mallards. GO HAWKS!!

Dorp translation: Another team whose heart was ripped out, stomped, and pissed on by The Captain in a glorious Game 7 Rout. Then he skated around the Dick Pond with his Thornton hanging out so all could see the glory that is Toews. Or so it should have happened. If there is a modern Caesar it would be The Captain... He does enjoy his Oh-Geez-Another-Stanley-Cup-Eh bacchanalia after all. Does the rest of it require explanation, Dorp? Corey Perry is a tremendous douche aging like a fine bottle of Ripple and Getzlaff is a doddering tool. Two USD 9.5 million a year boat anchors. Fuck them and the swine they rode in on. GO HAWKS!!

inspiration: bbSask
earmeat:   zamm