Back for more punishment.

2015●04●15: El Calzador Trofeo De Los Hombres: Conspiracy Theory. Blackhawks vs Pekka Jarnkrok Experience. GO HAWKS!!!The Minutiae & MundaneTime: 7:30 PMTV: NBCSN, CSN-CH, SN360, TVA3Radio: WGN 720 Amplitude ModulationBH Buzz-zzzzzzzzz!The Press Kit: So many pages…He’s just going to ruin it allIt’s hard to like you this time of yearMay need VisinePotent PotablesThe Hammer speaks (video)If Q doesn’t ruin it, Stan will (video)Old guys want a shiny thing (warning: autoplay)Stalberged!Sweet 16 (warning: autoplay)Down go everyone but the Hawks, we hopeThat title is total clickbait

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