Back for more punishment.

I’m pulling a Q

I want to try an experiment with the Daily Links. You know…mix things up a bit in an industrial-strength blender until all that remains is an illogical puree of ineffectiveness. Posting links may seem easy, and it mostly is, but the chore gets a bit dreary after a while. How Neo did it every day for a few months is beyond me. On the other hand, we all share links in the comments section every day, so a group effort is kind of natural progression for us. I think I’ve found a way for everyone to help out and link the things they find interesting.

The Chatango box below is for sharing links only. Discussing the links and turning them into regrettable memes can be done in Disqus as usual. The chat is password protected so anyone wanting to post a link (which pretty much means everyone) should email me ( or message me on Twitter (


) to get the login info. We’ll see how it goes for a few days and make any adjustments if youse guys have and feedback. I’ve sent the login info to the links group, so if I’m not responding ask around.

The app does make a little sound whenever a new item is posted, so that should help keep everyone up to date. I’ve started us off. Now it’s your turn.

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