Back for more punishment.

2015●04●21: There’s Something out there Waiting for Us, and it Ain’t no mmD or Greg Boysen Ponycorn, We’re all Gonna Die: Get To The Choppa. Blackhawks vs. Lizard- Face Fucks. GO HAWKS!!!The Church - Reptile by soulpatrolThe Minutiae & MundaneTime: 8:30 PMTV: CSN-CH, NBCSN, SN, TVA3Radio: WGN 720 Amplitude ModulationBH Buzz-zzzzzzzzz!The Press Kit: So many pages…Q’s WordsI hate their web siteIt’s not what happens in the neutral zonePotent PotablesBecause Hossa wills itDoes he still suck or…?ClementineThe hard wayThat’s hockey, babyHow does it feel to be back? (warning: autoplay)More numbers for youYou know he’s dying inside

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