Back for more punishment.

2015∙10∙15 GDT: Oviraptor Freestyle Battle: Fender No Neck Strat. Blackhawks vs Washington Communist Hordes. GO HAWKS!!

Dorp translation: Ovechkin is sometimes called Ovi. And then rap is called a battle sometimes and there is symbolic value in the reference since hockey can be warlike at time (although not with the soft-as-baby-cheese-butter-Blackhawks admittedly). A certain kind of Fender Stratocaster (not my favourite guitar but works with the reference) is called a No Neck (actually short for Nocaster but whatever), which is like Barry Trotz. Get it? Ahahahahahahahahahahahah, it's a good one. Then I ran out of steam and cut-and-pasted a trite communist reference because Washington is ruled by Obama who's a commie we all know that, and a terrorist but that's another for another Dorp translation.

Bad Brains - "Banned in DC" (though Booed in DC will be more likely)
 title: bbSask
song: zamm