Back for more punishment.

2015∙10∙22 GDT: Uncle Dale's Soup Kitchen: #freepirrimorinhayes. Blackhawks vs Rat Bastard Mad Dog Kitty Kats. GO HAWKS!!

Dorp Translation: So many fun here! Uncle Dale you know and Soup because he's back for Sveddy Ballz and Bicks...APPARENTLY. Always to think of hilarious "Q hold back bb talent" trope. Then Rat Bastard is Fffffff's Fave and always injured, but also Florida fans throw rubber rats on the ice because... because Florida. Madden took the limo ride but was not in Buffalo on the date in question. C'mon Dorp you can figure out the rest, we're pullin for ya. Oy.

inspiration: bbSask
earmeat: zamm 

I came for the Devo video. I stayed for the tumbling pussy. Pretty decent fan vid. Also, who's the most stroooooooooooooft? Pirri?