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2015∙10∙24 GDT: In the Time of Chimpanzees, I Was a Monkey, Butane in My Veins and I'm Out to Cut the Junkie: Why, Stevie Y? Blackhawks vs. Florida Man Steals Jenna Jameson Exquisite Lifelike Removable Pussy and Ass. GO HAWKS!!

cliffkoroll translation. By cliffkoroll

First, brylcreem then the musk…Jovan musk, before I repair to the drawing room and sit at the Selectric. So cool, heh. 

Viz. Hmmm Sask did an easy one this time. Wait, I wonder, hmmm, yes mightn’t I be an excellent lumbersexual?? Yes, Waldorf, you mightn’t. Ha, I kill myself. OK translate: “to turn from one language into another or from a foreign language into one's own”…well, Sask IS Canadian, THAT’s a foreign language. Heh. 

Viz. “to explain in terms that can be more easily understood; interpret.” Conundrum: My superior understanding/control of the universe broken into mere syllables for ingestion by plebian hordes…

Viz. Onward, Pilgrim, bend time and space, manifest your destiny, O colonizer, O master of politicometaideology! Let’s do this. Obviously Sask has stooped to “Beck” and his loser song to represent the Tampa Bay loss in the finals. Chimps, monkeys, butane, I’m aghast, appalled and agog. I should have started it: “Some Like it Haute”….heh.

Viz. Onward, Digby, Why Stevie Y obviously refers to Steven Hawking’s annoyance at his second law regarding black holes being repositive of Bekenstein’s reasoning about their entropy. A curious but sublime reference to lightning modeled mathematically as a three-dimensional network of n × n × n vertices. Brilliant. Huzzah, Sask, huzzah. And the rest of it, who wouldn’t want to steal Jenna Jameson’s ass?? 

I hope laaarms likes it.

He makes me giddy.

inspiration: bbSask
earmeat: zamm