Back for more punishment.

2015∙10∙17 GDT: Saad But True: BJ's Suck. Blackhawks vs Blue Man Group. GO HAWKS!!

Dorp translation: Brandon Saad used to play for the Blackhawks but gave up glory and an outside chance at a HOF career for a little extra paper and none of that. Which is saaaaaaaaaaaadddddd. But True. The BJ's Suck meme might be considered "too easy" or "kind of lame" but Fuck you, it's good, it's pretty pretty pretty good. And Blue Man Group are unfunny-funny same as the 0-5 BJ's.

title: bbSask
song: zamm
I dunno. Something about the whole Saad thing still rubs me wrong from Saad's end. I guess I hoped there was a bridge deal to be made. Maybe if Bickell had received his smoking papers before Free Agency opened, something could have been worked out. Whatever. This song's for bbSaad.