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2015∙12∙11 HeartsofCanadiaDarkness@CHI GDT: I Don't Care, I Miss Buff: The Queen's Portrait. Blackhawks vs Winnipeg Blue Jets. GO HAWKS!!

1benmenno translation: Benny Hatskin. Now there's a name. You just know this guy's ancestors had them some hard centuries living as Jews in Russia. He had balls by way of detention camps and gulags. Hatskin was too big for Canada growing up, he had to go to Oklahoma to play football. Benny was a Sooner. Then came back to Winnipeg to make a fortune. He couldn't buy an NHL team so he gave them the biggest Fuck You in hockey history: He stole their biggest star and put him in a parade on Portage and Main. Fuck You. Hence the Phoenix Coyotes. Benny's long gone but his shadow stIll lies over the Winnipeg franchise. He was a hero to underdogs and if you ever lived in Winnipeg you know what an underdog feels like. This is all to say, we got Toews, fuckas, eat shit. GO HAWKS!!

inspiration: bbSask
earmeat:   zamm